Kogi Chief of Staff Speaks on Cmrd Oladele Nihi’s Visit to Gov. Bello

I would have decided to keep mute as usual but at times, silence may be tantamount to acceptance of blame or wrong doing.
Cmrd Oladele Nihi is one of us who worked against the decision of the system in the past and even went so wild to engage in destructive criticism. In recent time, he has decided to redeem his image and has been in talking terms with me pleading for a chance to meet His Excellency to tender an apology, haven realized that he made mistakes in the past. If I decided to make a way for him to apologize to our leader, I don’t see anything wrong that should warrant anyone to go hay wire. As Chief of Staff to my Boss, a very important part of my schedule is to take pressure away from my principal and the system by winning and making more friends for the system.
Even God Almighty the creator of the universe encourages us to seek for forgiveness at all time for our sins. Why then should anyone be offended when one of us who went astray decided to seek for forgiveness and come back home?
As a leader, GYB meant well for all of us and I am striving to uphold that. Have we not witnessed how APC Governors graced the occasion of GEJ’s birthday ? That is a display of maturity and true leadership. Politics is always a game of interest, no friends, no foe.
As a matter of fact, if Sen. Dino Melaye and others decide to redeem their image today and sought to make peace with GYB, I will gladly create an Avenue for them to meet with His Excellency without any delay as that will go a long way to bringing peace to our dear state which is my core mandate as Chief of Staff.
When you forgive, you set a prisoner free, and that prisoner is you! His Excellency is a man of grace and a peace advocate. As his Chief of Staff, I have to create an atmosphere of peace for His Excellency to thrive.
Thank you


Pharm. Abdulkareem Mohd Jamiu
Chief of Staff to Gov Yahaya Bello

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