As we draw closer to the 2023 general elections, there are many aspiring leaders of different political parties from Kogi Central but the name, O H E R E, has become a household name being called both the old, young, youths, mothers, fathers, name them.


One thing is sure, when it’s your time; even without uttering a word, the reaction from the masses will speak volume. This is why we will refer to it a Movement because we know a new dawn is here already.

I can’t allow a day to pass by without talking about this good man in my timeline because O H E R E is a man that is down to earth and super accessible to the people.

Adayi Abubakar Ohere few months ago has not opened up about the position he’s contesting for but the masses were already accepting him in good fate because of his antecedents and good track records down to the grassroots.

No doubt, ASO’23 shall see the light of the day by God’s grace, we know that Engineer Ohere will deliver all around because he’s a man for all not for a particular area in Kogi Central Senatorial District.

We want a Senator that can see everyone as his people.

I hereby plea that we all as a people, deliver O H E R E as the next Senator, representing the good people of Kogi Central at the Red Chamber, Abuja.


Abner Adeiza Aliu, a dogged supporter of Engr. O H E R E, writes from the Confluence State

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