Kabba Bunu LGA Caretaker Chairman Bans Fulani’s Carrying Cutlasses


… Says anyone caught will be arrested, prosecuted.


The Kabba Bunu LGA Caretaker Chairman, Barr Zacchaeus Dare Michael, says the Local Government will no longer fold it arms and watch Fulani’s brazenly use cutlasses to caught themselves.

The Chairman made the disclosure after a meeting with the Traditional council, said the meeting jointly resolved that they Kabba Bunu LGA Caretaker Committee will no longer want Fulani’s coming to town with cutlasses hunged on their shoulders.

According to the Chairman, it has been observed that when they Fulani’s are drunk they engaged in a fight and they caught themselves.

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While he said they Fulani’s are not using the cutlasses against none Fulani’s but against themselves, said they Government will no longer fold it arms and watch the Fulani’s use the cutlasses against themselves.

According to the Caretaker Chairman, ” We don’t want them come to town with cutlasses. We cannot restrict them from using their traditional sticks but for cutlasses, we have banned them from hanging cutlasses on their shoulders, that has been banned”.

He said henceforth, any Fulani caught with cutlasses will be arrested and prosecuted, warned that the Government will deal with those found carrying cutlasses into the town.

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