The Kogi State Government yesterday through the Deputy Governor, His Excellency Edward Onoja denied the alleged bread tax policy announced in the State.

The Governor denying knowledge of the tax is in total contradiction of the release made by the Commissioner for Information, Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo in the wake of the news.

The Commissioner for Information in a statement stated that the tax is not new to the state and was being paid by the indigenous bakers but was extended to cover also bakers outside the state who sells their bread in Kogi State.

The position of non awareness of the tax policy by the Executive Governor of the State is baffling and outrightly embarrassing to say the least. As it is expected that policies/laws, especially those relating to taxation must have gone through the rudiments of the State Executive Council and the approval of the House of Assembly.

It is on this note, in other to save the face of Kogi State and redeem her from this embarrassing situation that we call on the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Prince Mathew Kolawole to as a matter of urgent importance set up an investigative panel to look into the Bread Tax Contradiction, identify culprits and mete out appropriate sanctions in accordance to our laws.

Governance is a serious business that must be taken seriously most especially by those entrusted with it.

Umar D. Muhammed
Executive Director.


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