Feed a woman, you have fed a Nation. The real-ness of this supposed adage is seen at home where mothers have transfigurated a House into a Home; raised children and protected their husbands from intuders who wish to know how a not too buoyant man has kept his home together and happy year in year out.



A woman has that touch and configuration of just recieving anything, shaking the input, pressing them together, running it till it overflows then she dishes it to all and sundry. Do not forget she gets it and makes it increase to carter for all.

That is who a woman is. Imagine you feed your wife, sisters, mothers with good, you can not regret it. She takes in good and gives birth to the best.

While growing up, even though i am not entirely grown, i felt the genuine pain of poor people living around me. I wished i could change their situations for good; i wished i could provide atleast their minute needs; i wished governance was about providing the very basic needs. I wished on sporadically but I kept waking up to the reality that WISHES WERE NOT HORSES ELSE CATS WOULD HAVE BEEN RIDING ON HORSES.

This sad reality dampened my political zeal especially as it pertains representing our hubbies, mothers, sisters and brothers in any capacity as a WOMAN. Our controversial culture had helped to groom politicians who felt women were limited to the ‘aza’ room. At any rate, we lived on and perfected what a kitchen should look like. Our hubbies didnt regret being the undisputd head of the home. They keep being so, regardless of the opportunities they provide for us to serve in the public. Though i know religion is yet another factor limiting women. But SUDDENLY……..

Kogi State has never had it this good. A man from a clan and tribe people oppressively termed Minority took over the seat of power at the Lugard House. Inch by inch, he began to transform the narrative. He birthed Tribal unity that was entirely absent; Emptied religious bigotry into the waste bin; strangled class difference and have usurped gender imbalance.

Governor Yahaya Bello who is seconded by his Deputy Governor, Chief David Edward Onoja have made good the promise to ensure women occupy 30% seats in the Let’s Do More Tenure. On the day Governor Bello made this promise, i clapped as usual and left the hall with no special conviction that the promise will be kept since politicians just come up with comedy. You know we clap to comedians’ jokes. I felt it was another Night of a Thousand Laughs.

Yahaya Bello made it true that Kogi State now have:





Wow! Isn’t that wonderful? I can imagine the mouths that opposed this idea from the onset and what our Party Leadeship had to endure till it became true.

This is the first of its kind worldover! This indeed is a reason women in Nigeria must come together to ensure he becomes a President? He will surely ensure women soon become Deputy Governors in the 36 States of Nigeria.
Women must think about this. Afterall, we are more as voters than our husbands and sons are. Let’s help our husbands make that a reality.

Before Bello helped to speed up to reality my dream, without him knowing, I had felt my dream to represent my people at the grassroot will be an entire hoax. I felt as a non-Oworo, Non-Nupe or a Non-Ebira will eliminate my dream of representing the poor people at the grassroot where i was born, grew, schooled, trade and still live in.

Bello has given life to the constitutional provision that makes me a citizen by birth and that accords me all rights and privileges as a citizen. Where else do i call my home than Ward A, Lokoja Local Government Area.

Alas, Blessing Bala Ogwu is one of the women folk to occupy the seat of Councillor; one of the 30% left for women ONLY to occupy.

I have had the push of playing a positive role in the development of my Local Community, as a starting point – creative awareness, then providing basic amenities to flash point areas needing immediate touch. Long term impacts include educational scholarship, craftmanship and business support.

I did not need god-fatherism for that level vision or any at all, as I believe I can do it with the support of my local kinsmen who share i the same mindset. Thanks again to the Govenor of Kogi State for creating that levelled playing ground and all the Stakeholders that made that possible.

The election that will bring me to bare and to that seat of a servant to my people will be on the 12th December, 2020. I hope I will win because I have a lot of people behind me. And, if I win, I will automatically be the first female in Ward A in this city of Lokoja to become a Councillor.

If i win, my people have simply said go ye and represent us.
Go ye and change the system.
Help the Government make Kogi Better. And i am hopeful that i will gun for a sensitive seat in the Chamber where our voices will not just be heard but will become a seal to good governance.
I likewise promise not to disappoint my people whilst synergying with the Executive arm of the Local Government.

The Councillorship office is the legislative position in the Local Government authority and we are leaders. Our job is to say no whenever the Executive feel that we control them. We will control them when they give instruction and we say no when we feel it’s not good. It will be debated if we disagree and it is when we say it’s good they will adopt it.

Governor Yahaya Bello wants a Kogi that good for our country to learn from. That is why he wants women to add that value. I know people will say Nigeria is a democratic country but here is pure democracy and we have a lot to learn too.

We need to have one of us there, don’t you think so? We need females who will not be a ‘slowpoke’.

Vote Blessing Ogwu Bala (B.O.B)
For Concillor, Ward A, Lokoja.

My Party is the All Progressives Congress.
Our logo is the Broom.
Our slogan is LET’s Do More
Our Watchword is to Transform the system until we get it right using the legislative instruments at our disposal.



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