Hon. Kunle Ola, Lauds Gov. Bello For Appointing Hon. Pius Kolawole


In a show of unwavering support and admiration, Hon Kunle Ola, a prominent figure in Yagba West, has lauded the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, for his astute judgment in appointing Hon. Pius Kolawole and Hon. Tosin Olokun. This move has drawn praise from Yagba West leaders, who recognizes the immense talent and competence that both individuals bring to their newfound roles.


Hon. Pius Kolawole’s appointment has been met with resounding approval, given his extensive experience and dedication to public service. His track record of achievements and exemplary leadership qualities make him a perfect fit for the position. Hon. Kunle Ola have expressed confidence in Hon. Kolawole’s ability to execute his duties diligently and bring about positive changes in the region.
Similarly, Hon. Tosin Olokun’s appointment has been hailed as visionary by Hon Kunle Ola. Hon. Olokun’s strong work ethic and remarkable passion for community development have earned her widespread respect and admiration.His appointment is seen as a testament to Governor Bello’s commitment to empowering young and capable leaders who can drive progress in their respective spheres. The support from Hon Kunle Ola and other leaders is a testament to the unity and solidarity among Yagba West leaders in recognizing and appreciating Governor Bello’s excellent judgment in selecting Hon. Kolawole and Hon. Olokun. Their appointment reflects a desire to place competence and merit above all else when it comes to serving the people and fostering development in Kogi State.
Hon Kunle Ola believes that the appointment of Hon. Pius Kolawole and Hon. Tosin Olokun will undoubtedly bring about positive change and development to Yagba West. The leaders have expressed their willingness to work closely with the newly appointed officials to ensure that the aspirations and needs of the people are addressed effectively and efficiently.

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As Yagba West leaders rally behind Governor Yahaya Bello’s decision, it is clear that their unity and support will contribute significantly to the success of Hon. Kolawole and Hon. Olokun in their respective roles. This appointment signifies a promising future for Yagba West and Kogi State as a whole, as it sets a precedent for recognizing and promoting deserving individuals who have the potential to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

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