Guber 2023: Muslim /Muslim Ticket is condescending to Kogi Christians and an evil that can’t fly.


…It will lead to the end of APC in Kogi State.


The precept of trust upon which friendship and brotherliness between the two dominant religious group Kogi state is about to be undermined, by the push of some persons on who becomes the deputy governor aspirant to the APC governorship candidate, with a Muslim/Muslim narrative. Such narrative is edged on the presumption and inclination that only a muslim candidate could be very popular in Kogi East and with such pairing, victory would be guaranteed for the incumbent All Progressive Congress.

Although it would be considerate to give the APC a benefit of doubt and belief that such thoughts or the plan is just the fictitious concoction of short sighted and selfish politicians who are quick to relinquish the values of equity, fairness, justice which the administration used as its focal point and a centre ideology of the New Direction Government. If my allusion is true, then such individuals must be called to order and be regarded as the enemy of the good legacy of the New Direction Administration.

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The move by these self-serving politicians is not just condescending to christians of Kogi state to say the least, it is disrespectful, self serving selfish and evil. At no time has Kogi state been polarised along religious divide politically since creation, this will be a bad precedent and all Christian and christian group should rise to say no to an obvious evil scheme.

I assume these individuals are making reference to the just concluded 2023 General Election where the ruling APC paraded a Muslim/Muslim duo owing to its political calculation but the party in Kogi state should not be quick to forget how very difficult it was for Tinubu/Shettima to win by the whiskers. Nigerians and by extension Kogites are very ready to say No to such insult.


Those who are undermining Dino Melaye might experience a shocker at the end of the day. If a dancer can make it in Osun state, then an actor like Dino can oust APC in Kogi if the party decides to walk the path of religious insensitivity. It will be an expensive mistake and a political mis calculation.

Not forgetting that Dino is from the Kogi West, a Christian and the clamour has been that power should shift to the west for equity, fairness and justice , it will be a smooth ride for the PDP considering these 2 factors. Needless to say, the wounded Kogi East are pressumably more comfortable working with Kogi West, so it will be a massive sympathy vote for a Christian, Kogi western PDP candidate.

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By the way, who says the position of deputy governor must even come from the east? Can’t Kogi west produce the deputy governor this time?

It will be an insult to say in a Christian population of 40% of christians, 45% Muslim and 15% traditional religion in Kogi, the christians do not have distinguished politicians who can be Deputy Governor.

Your Excellency, the Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Bello, please do not listen to the counsel of desperate politicians, the APC should not make the mistake of running a muslim muslim ticket . it is disastrous. But should in case Kogi APC refuses to hear the voices of reasons, kogites have an option in several other parties that would be fair, just and will guarantee equity.

Sunday Agbotikuyo
Writes from Abuja

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