Group Condemns Governor Obaseki’s Denial Of Opposition Parties Placing Of Posters , Banners.


By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City


Governor Godwin Obaseki Of Edo Station have been criticized for allegedly depriving Opposition parties rights to display posters and banners on bill board across the state.

A group, the Benin Solidarity Movement, (BSM), a social political pressure group in a statement signed by its President, Comrade Curtis Eghosa Ugbo and released to journalists in
Benin City where they accused the Governor of playing politics Of bitterness by denying other Political Parties the right to access to Government Public Facilities.

Comrade Ugbo said , “ our attention has been drawn to the unscrupulous/undemocratic action(s) of the Governor and his agents to stop commercial vehicles loading in the various motor parks with the sticker or poster of the APC, Labour Party Or other Political Parties from loading or less they have the PDP sticker or banner which must belong to his faction of the PDP.

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He reminded Governor Obaseki that he is the governor of Edo State people not a Governor of a Factional Political Party. “ we all voted for him when in APC to become the Governor of Edo State without any for of intimidation as being experienced now under his watch. “

“ Godwin Obaseki has turned Edo State into Banana Republic politically, he does not allow Opposition parties to operate in the State freely”

Ugbo further informed Governor Obaseki , “that the Nigeria constitution gives every citizen in the country the freedom to associate, participate and play politics without any restrictions there by giving all and sundry a level playing field to make their political decisions cum choices cum sense of belongings.”

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Comrade Ugbo called on Governor Obaseki and the Peoples Democratic Party in the State to allow other political parties in the state campaign as guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigera.

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