GOV. BELLO RECEIVES AWARD FOR DEMYSTIFYING COVID-19 POLITICS …as he cautions against planned second wave


Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello was on Wednesday conferred with an award of recognition for his role in demystifying the politics of covid-19 pandemic and his doggedness to stand against total lockdown owing to its devastating socio economic impact on the people.

The award was organized and presented at the maiden edition of Kogi State Government House press corps end of the year get together and award ceremony.

The governor pleaded with politicians and capitalist to desist from playing politics with the lives of the citizens urging them to be sincere with the people.

He noted that the current negative economic effect of the highly marketed virus was as a result of insincerity of many individuals who have continued to make selfish gains while relegating collective interest and well being of the masses

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Governor Bello warned that citizens as well as other stakeholders should rethink the planned second wave of the pandemic, noting that there was gross deceit in the handling and propagation of the said virus.

He alluded that the country and many of its citizens were still yet to recover from the effect of the supposed first wave of the lock down necessitated by the out break of the virus, hence a second wave would cause much more damaging and colossal effect

The Governor noted that his administration came up with indigenous strategy to solve its own challenges after realizing that the lockdown of businesses across the state would have a damaging socio economic effect on the citizens and particularly the less privileged.

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Governor Bello asserted that he would never play politics with the lives of his people irrespective of the monetary gains involved, reiterating that President Buhari’s well meaning plans for the people of the country were thwarted by these sets of politicians with selfish agenda.

He also called on those privileged to counsel the President to do so imbibing the spirit of truth and putting in consideration that the president relies majorly and acts innocently based on their respective counsels

In his remarks, the National President, Nigeria Union of Journalist Chief Chris Isiguzo attested and thanked the Kogi State Governor for being media friendly adding that NUJ as a national body was in agreement with the award conferred on the governor as it was not misplaced.

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The Nigerian number one journalist stated that although many of them doubted initially but the governor took to his stand firmly which clearly showed that yahaya Bello was seeing what the rest of them could not see.

He added that he was well aware of several projects of his administration which he at a time inspected across the state affirming that these were projects with direct impacts and benefits on the lives of the people

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