A wise man once said if you have to spend much time explaining the good you have done, chances are likely that you have probably done no good.

At Lokoja/Kogi Federal Constituency, it is safe to say Hon. Shaba Ibrahim who is now fondly called “Mr Projects” around the Constituency, has done it again.

Over the weekend, Hon. Shaba, a man of few words but of many good works, yet again fulfilled a cardinal campaign promise of his, by providing solar panel boreholes in Oworo Estate, Phase 2 in Felele axis of Lokoja Local Government.

Similarly, boreholes construction works have been completed in Banda and Karara communities. The people now have access to quality water.

Now the people of Felele, Banda and Karara do not have to go far to get drinkable and disease-free water as Hon. Shaba has brought the water to their doorstep.

As a people, we cannot be asking for more but Hon. Shaba will doubtless do more and more in his capacity as a “peoples servant” who never goes a day without being bothered about the welfare of his people.

Lokoja/Kogi Federal Constituency is attaining enviable heights daily because Hon. Shaba Ibrahim is on the wheel and he is indeed steering the Constituency to greater heights daily via quality representation and his acts of bringing dividends of democracy to the grassroots.

Hon. Shaba Media Team
21st December 2020


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