By Engr. Ondeku


Permit me to briefly recall an outstanding spectre of our recent political history. This is the story of a fortuitous man of gallantry whose political expertise brought to our state the present political party known as All Progressive Congress. He plays very significant roles in the formation and formulation of this political party in Nigeria. The name of this famous, fearless and results oriented politician is; Senator Muhammed Ohiare. His string of success in political expedition contributed immensely to the baptism of the All Progressive Congress and it’s enthronement in Kogi State.

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History seems to be repeating itself, as a fearless, dogged and determined son of this same man, re-enacting the same courage of his father to govern the state. This foremost politician of our time is the recent past Director, Rural Electrification Fund in Nigeria. His upsurge political acceptance in Kogi State can be traced back to his impeccable administrative skills and his father’s political struggles. He is a complete gentleman, soft-spoken but highly calculated politician, he is the flame of our teeming youths, the redeemer of our hope and the beacon of improved Kogi State. He is no other person than Dr. Sanusi Ohiare.

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I implore all the undiscerning minds in Kogi State to embrace this divinity as a collective destiny and muster strong voices and deeds towards supporting the project and, collectively defines parameters for it’s success in the forthcoming primaries and general elections…just thinking, how fantastic it would be if you formed a part of this success!

Dear Kogites, every palm tapper is liable to slipoff the palm tree while climbing but, not one, whose father has created; on its stem, the footholds and grooves. Dr. Sanusi Ohiare’s ambition is one that is built on fertile experiences. It is a sure project therefore!

Esteemed People of Kogi State, confidence and courage are the essentials of success in which we are carrying out our plans. You people must have fate in this project. You must not be stampeded by braggadocio, rumors or guesses. Let us unite in banishing fear. God has provided us the machinery to restore our state and, it is up to us to support and make it work. It is your project just as it’s no less than, it is mine.

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Together, we cannot fail!

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