Coord to Sec; Adhere to And Don’t Capsize the Recommendation of Gov Bello, NYCN Tells Executive Chairmen


Wednesday 16th December, 2020

Following the pronouncement made by Governor Yahaya Bello the Executive Governor of Kogi State on Monday 14th of December, 2020, at the Lokoja township stadium during the inaugural ceremony of the elected Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the 21 Local Government Areas in Kogi State, stating without ambiguity that he just like he has done for the women in Kogi State, recommend that the Coordinators of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, in the various Local Government Areas in the State be appointed Council Secretaries, a gestures that has earned Gov Bello a national respect from the Nigerian Youths, the Leadership of National Youth Council of Nigeria through its National and State Chairmen respectively has cautioned the Executive Chairmen not to thwart this golden opportunity given to the Youths in the State.

Comrade Isreal Femi Alonge the State Chairman of the Council said the National leadership of NYCN has conveyed a National broadcast appreciation to Governor Yahaya Bello for taking such a bold lead in giving not just the Nigerian women but also a larger portion of the Youths a functional and significant place in Politics and Government in the State by making a provision for the 21 Local Government Coordinators of National Youth Council of Nigeria to be appointed as Secretaries of their respective Local Government Areas. This according to the National body of the Council is first of its kind in the history of Nigeria Politics.

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Reports reaching us from different Local Government Areas shows that some Executive Chairmen together with some other top State Appointees are seriously Working to sabotage this kind gesture given to the Kogi Youth with extension to the Nigerian Youths by Governor Yahaya Bello. However, we want to make it clear without mincing words that any Local Government Chairman or top Government Appointees who decides to frustrate or go contrary to the recommendations of His Excellency being the Leader of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the State will only end up facing the wrath of the Nigerian Youths and this will come without sympathy.

It therefore means that anyone who disrespects the place of the Nigerian Youths in Government and Politics also deserves to enjoy the total disrespect of the Nigerian Youths under the platform of the National Youth Council of Nigeria.

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Alonge pointed out that by any Executive Chairman or Appointees of the State not allowing this kind gesture to metamorphose into reality by way of not giving it total implementation, will only end up soiling the good reputation and “Ambassadorial title” Governor Yahaya Bello is enjoying from not just the Kogi Youths but the Nigerian Youths at large.

Therefore, in order to avoid this from happening, it becomes very pertinent to call anybody who is making moves to frustrate the benevolence of Governor Yahaya Bello to steer clear and do no such thing.

Let it also be known that the premise upon which most of the newly inaugurated chairmen became appointed as Administrators by Governor Yahaya Bello in his first Administration and part of his second Administration was because he believed in them and also appreciates their efforts in standing tall with him even when others failed to see the light in him.

This singular act prompted His Excellency who obviously is a promise keeper to defile all odds to elevate them from his Local Government Campaign Coordinators to Local Government Administrators and now they are the Elected Executive Chairmen of their respective Local Government Areas.

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If Governor Yahaya Bello could keep to his promise, fight for and defend his Administrators who are now Elected Executive Chairmen, no chairman should be encouraged at this juncture to frustrate extended arm of benevolence from the same governor to the Nigerian Youths in becoming Council Secretaries.

Governor Yahaya Bello showed courage and allowed history to pen good about him on women and youths involvement in government and Politics, his own foot soldiers should not be seen as the ones frustrating the effort of a loving and highly progressive principal.

Meanwhile, Kogi Youths and Nigerian Youths at large will continue to remain eternally grateful to Governor Yahaya Bello who have availed and allowed himself to be used by God to speak out loud for us.

“We will continue to rally round him and surely send him on a bigger assignment because as at today, we are totally convinced beyond reasonable doubts that he will deliver and also put our interest at heart”.

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