The attention of the State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists, has been drawn to the unwarranted verbal attack of Mr. Idris Miliki on the Kogi State Chairperson of NAWOJ over a comment on WHATSAPP Platform where the two of them are participants.



According to evidence shown to the Council, Mr. Miliki announced his return from Osun State where he claimed to have monitored the Osun State Governorship election on the WhatsApp Platform.

The Kogi State NAWOJ chairperson responded by welcoming him back and jokingly asked if he bought bread from Osun State.

This friendly comment drew the rage of the said Mr Miliki and verbally assaulted the harmless woman on the platform.

Mr. Miliki also denigrated the Union through his uncomplimentary remarks about NAWOJ which is part and parcel of the Nigerian Union Of Journalists.

The Union therefore, believe that this rabid behavior of Mr. Idris Miliki should be put to check before he causes the union and its members further embarrassment.

All members of NUJ in Kogi State are by this notice therefore, directed to boycott any programme that has to do with the said Idris Miliki and his so called Conscience for Human Rights and Conflicts Resolution till further notice.

Members seeking for Civil Societies’ Opinion on any story they are doing are advised to do so with other responsible Civil Society Organisations that are abound in Kogi State.

This directive however does not cover sponsored radio or Television Programmes that are currently running in any stations by his organization.

Members are strongly advised not to flout this directives in their own interest. His finger has frequently gone into the naked anus and has come out with offensive odour, fouling the air.


Adeiza MomohJimoh

Ademu Seidu Haruna


But in a swift reaction, Comr. Idris said he was surprised at the media attacks from the NUJ boycotting his program.

He sent in his reaction to the NAWOJ Chairperson that led to the boycott which read thus:

” I shall never have any thing to do with NAWOJ under the current leadership in Kogi, by the grace of Almighty God

As I don’t owe you and the institution you claim to represent One way or the other.

That one na your business, I wonder what you have done for me in your life. Never tell me you are playing with me as no smoke with out fire.

This was my post, where is the attack here? according to Comr. Miliki, said having partnered with the media expressed surprise that he was not given a fair hearing.

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