I made the acquaintance of Jimoh Fancy well over 15 years ago. He was one of the earliest and biggest GSM/Telecoms dealers in Lokoja and one of my valued customers as a banker.

Jimoh is serious about life. He is a hard working young man on a mission to succeed with no time for frivolities. It is no wonder that we get along so well.

Jimoh is a loyal friend. After I resigned my appointment to contest for the Kogi State House of Assembly in 2011 and lost, he was one of the few people who stood by me till I was able to stabilise.

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Jimoh is a visionary. He sees tomorrow and he runs towards it. When His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State led a few of us in 2015 toward a New Direction in Kogi State, Jimoh was one of my earliest recruits. He saw the light immediately and he has never wavered till today.

Jimoh is success-oriented. In 2019, Jimoh was a Double Director-General. He was DG, Campaigns for Bello/Onoja, Lokoja and DG Campaigns, Kogi West for Senator Smart Adeyemi. He served the APC very well in both capacities.

Jimoh is God-fearing. He has a genuine love for God which shines forth and he strives to live uprightly.

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Jimoh is a fantastic family person. His wife and children are witnesses, as I am. It is always a delight to hang out with him and his wonderful family.

It is also important to note that Jimoh had one of the best family upbringing as a young person. His late mother in particular was a true amazon in business and in other areas of life. She raised her children to be useful in the society and Jimoh is a perfect example. She was motherly to me and we all miss her.

Jimoh is so many things, all of them good, but above all, he is what I cherish most – a true friend.

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I wish my friend, Jimoh Fancy, increase on all sides. More of God’s grace and favour.

On a lighter note. Jfancy the future of every mortal is like STC ( Subject To Count) just like only an Operations Manager can confirm it before it flies in banking so also only God can confirm the future before it breaks.

You Dey bambam. Everywhere stew.

Get ready for God’s showers of blessings unlimited.

Happy Birthday, bro.

Your brother CEDO

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