Between Nigeria and the enemies within.

Between Nigeria and the enemies within.


By Otori Ozigi.

There is no gainsaying that the socio -economic challenges facing Nigerians today are self inflicted.

We are the ones that have put curses on ourselves.

Unfortunately, the problems that is causing economic and insecurity quagmire is caused by the amalgamation of enemies within, residing in different places and occupying different positions in the country.

It is only in Nigeria that economic policies that had worked in other climes are not working in the country, when applied here.

Our economists are left dumbfounded as the law of demand and supply which we are taught in secondary schools does not work in Nigeria economy.

The discovery of oil that is a blessing to other oil producing countries in Africa and Europe has become a source of curse for the country.

Life in other oil producing countries is like heaven on earth as it brings economic prosperity and growth for citizens in those countries.

But in Nigeria it only bring misery, massive corruptions, environmental devastation and backwardness to the country.

Sometimes you wonder whether Nigeria is not producing the same oil with countries like Angola, United Emirates and Libya, to mention but a few oil producing countries in the world.

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It is only in Nigeria that we are grappling with growing cases of oil thefts that have become a recurring decimal in the country.

It is only in Nigeria that billions of dollars would be spent on the turnaround maintenance of refineries more than what is required to build new refineries.

The hydraheaded problem of oil thefts in Nigeria has been promoted to high heaven as it has become a way of life for criminal elements.

Nowadays every security agents are praying and lobbying to be posted to any oil producing states in the country so that they can become stupendously rich.

Everybody wants to become instant millionaires overnight.

It is only in Nigeria that members of the parliament would be accusing themselves openly of whether there is budget padding or not.

It is only in Nigeria that some privileged people would borrow millions of naira from the Central Bank in the name of anchor borrowers agriculture programme and pocket the money, without engaging in any agricultural venture.

And they are not ready to pay the money back peacefully.

It is only in Nigeria that you will be hearing what is generally referred to as round trippings in the banking sectors.

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Every promoter of any bank is sure of getting stupendously rich within a short time.

It is only in Nigeria that politics is more profitable than any business enterprise.

Yes. The quickest way to make money in Nigeria is to join politics and pray to hold one political office or another.

Every political office is a passport to instant wealth.

It is only in Nigeria that the salaries of political office holders are more than University Professors.

It is only in Nigeria that University Professors are drafted to oversee the conduct of elections, even at the state level.

What a country!

Even ordinary local government chairmen and councillors are sure of becoming wealthy in the shortest possible time.

It is only in Nigeria that officers of the Nigeria Customs, Immigration service are all millionaires as they are found complicit in massive smuggling activities at the nation’s boarders and other juicy places like airports and seaports.

It is only in Nigeria that snakes and monkeys are swallowing monies meant for the nation’s treasuries and coffers.

It is only in Nigeria that insecurity challenges like kidnappings, insurgency, banditry, ethno-religious and Boko Haram insurgents have become the quickest ways to become stupendously rich.

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It is only in Nigeria that people still believe that they can make millions from ritualism.

It is only in Nigeria that the easiest way to become wealthy is to trade in currencies of the world economy, particularly the dollar.

It is only in Nigeria that soldiers are deployed to supervise elections.

It is only in Nigeria that political office seekers would be making plans to go to court, even before elections are conducted.

These days the outcome of every election must be decided by the Judiciary before politicians accept the outcome of that election.

The judiciary in Nigeria have become overburdened by political litigations.

On the whole,we are the problem of Nigeria. The biggest enemies within.

Only.few people are exempted from this national malaise that is threatening the soul of Nigeria today.

May God deliver Nigeria from unpatriotic Nigerians.

The insidious rape on the country is getting too much.

Otori Ozigi,a veteran journalist and PR Consultant,writes from Okene, Kogi State

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