We are overwhelmed to have you as our own son in Ebiraland with the love of the people at heart.
Alh.Yakubu S. Dongo is an Educationist, a successful business man, a very young and vibrant man with the heart of helping the less privileged in Ebiraland and the entire nigerians at large. Sir, your generosity has proven that you are man of honor, man of intergrity, man of principles, man of good reputation, our own son, the father of the youths, the man that embrace everyone at heart without any sentiments, clan or favouritism. Indeed you are man of the people, by the people and for the people.
Sir. Permit me to elaborate about your efforts toward humanities in Ebiraland at large, am still astonished about ur good deeds in Ebiraland, infact this is my very first time to see a non-politician who love and care for his people in terms of good welfarism, he sacrifices his personal incomes to support the youths in terms of Educational scholarships, he is not a professor but he motivate the youths to embrace Educations at the right time, he is not a politician but he helped more than the politicians in Ebiraland, he committed to providing social amenities such as pipe borne water for places like Inioziomi, Kuroko and many other wards in Ebira land.
Alh.Yakubu .S. Dongo is not a Christain, but he employed and help both Christain, Muslims and traditionist across the nation.
Sir. May your days be multiple, may your income be double, may your wishes comes through toward the good people of Ebiraland.
As a successful business man, the youths desire from you a social responsibility in terms of cottage industries to ease the unemployment our people are facing. We further seek your intervention in this direction by means of empowering the women toward skill acquisition and a revolving soft grant to aid their start-ups. This is a clarion call from the entire youths of Ebiraland who looks up to you for direction towards achievement of peace in our environment.

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We called you a leader, because you have proven to us in
every ramifications that leadership is meant for those who help, guide and build the young generation and prepare them ahead for future.

Remain bless sir.
Alh. Yakubu Salawu Dongo.
God Bless Godfather Nig. Ltd.
God Bless Ebiraland
God Bless Kogi State
God Bless Nigeria.

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