Lest we forget. This same young man change the biological name given him by his father to (AMB. O.J. DINO)

You commenced this fake life style from the so called trecking venture to Otuoke in solidarity for former president GEJ this attracted the former Governor Wada to drew you closer to the point you were part of those young men in the control room on the eve of the Gubernatorial elections. Not too long after the former Governor lost his bid to return to Lugard house you suddenly became a celebrity in this administration where you almost got to the peak of your carreer as a young aspiring leader,

from no where GYB raised you to the peak and you betroyed him exactly the same way you betrayed former Governor Wada. You ended up becoming the fake National youth council president untill the national security apparatus halted you and your co-travellers now you are here with same gyb you so insulted most recently. You took comfort moving around dancing with senator Dino melaye even to his most publicised costly apartment singing all kinds of songs including lullaby and all forms of Hallelluyah that connote Ntoooor!!! to gyb and his government yet the strong lion remain silence untill your paid masters Dino was chased out of the Senate by fire by force. Now, in the process of this political journey , you have met many young aspiring leaders with much lies and fake news about gyb and today you want the world to believed in you that you are that prodigal son in the Bible . May be you have gotten a new bible from heaven with your name inscribed on it and today you are that most expected second Jesus Christ we are meant to believe in the scripture GOD FORBID.

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You now think gyb isn’t smarter than you? How far your sojourn with Dino melaye whose mission is to destroy our generation with display of obnoxious ill gotten wealth. See your life now. Who will ever trust you again? Think within yourself whether or not you are qualified to be regarded as that youth mentor or role model our youth expect to see in leadership? You have proven beyond doubt that you are indeed a betrayer, fake prophet, destiny killer and a generational destroyer we ever known. What of your co-travellers whom you have deceived to believing that our gyb of kogi state is a senior devil ? Have you also done alot of damage control mechanism on them? You have taken many visionlless young men and women along with you on this journey abandoned many in the middle of the sea and here you are alone with your so called former Boss whose image you have damaged alot. What about your oath taken with the Dinos who will never let you into them unless you did take such an oath? Have you done some cleansing before your return or you think many would not interepret your home coming as a ploy to play an undercover for your paid masters. What of many youths and innocent kogites beaten and humiliated in lokoja most recently due to your aborted protest in the name of endsars having received millions on their behalf? Have you finished those monies collected from your masters ? These and many questions are begging for answers as posterity await to judge you very soon.

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In all of these desperation s where is your integrity? Would you ever change this history about your life? Can you face your children and tell them your fake and deceitful life style and expect them to act the same while you seat back as watch them grow? Now you lost the presidency of NYCN. You lost what you wanted from your former artificial father Dino, you lost your pride in gyb government and believe me you have become a slave in your so called home.

But, come on! aren’t you too small for this fake life style? Gyb beware!! he will play some under cover for your political enemies again. Just watch your newest renewed enemy in disguise

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God forbid for a fake lifestyle like yours. Highly deceitful indeed Mr. Former OJ. Nihi Dino welcome back home

Ethicist (prince) Salih Musa Yakubu

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