A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS: Extending Our Heartiest Congratulations to the Governor-Elect, Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman


As we open a new chapter in the political history of our dear Kogi State, the entire members of the Corps De Progressive, Nigeria wish to felicitate and congratulate you and your Deputy Governor-Elect on your well-deserved historic victory in the just concluded November, 11th Kogi State Governorship election.


Your commitment to public service and the trust bestowed upon you by the people reflect your dedication to making a positive impact. The massive votes garnered from the electorates across the State beyond the tribal narratives, was a testament to your State wide acceptance and confidence repose in you by the good people of Kogi State.

In the wake of a hard-fought and keenly contested governorship election, you emerge victorious as the Governor-Elect. The November 11th governorship Election in Kogi State, we believed mark a historic beginning of a people oriented leadership that will prioritize the need of the masses and work towards gaining wide spread popularity through responsive and inclusive governance. We wish you and your deputy governor-elect success as you embark on this important journey of leadership.

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Furthermore, leading a complex State like Kogi comes with its share of challenges. Navigating diverse opinions, balancing competing priorities, and making tough decisions are common hurdles. Additionally, managing change, fostering collaborations, and maintaining public trust are ongoing challenges that leaders often encounter. Staying resilient and adaptable is crucial in addressing these complexities.

In the spirit of this celebration, we would like to mention few areas you need to watch out for and perhaps give them closer attentions. Strategic planning, team building, and fostering innovation are key. Addressing issues such as transparency, accountability, and embracing technological advancements can contribute to effective governance.

Balancing patronage of competency and recognizing politicians who contributed to your victory is crucial for effective governance. Prioritizing appointing individuals based on their qualifications, expertise, and merit will ensure a competent administration. It is also important to acknowledge and involve those who supported your campaign for political cohesion. Finding a middle ground where competence prevail and balanced with political allies considerations, can create a well-rounded team that blends expertise with loyalty. In all, be wary of greedy, and corrupt individual, beam your searchlight on educated public spirited individuals, especially those with requisite experience and unblemished track records. This approach can contribute both effective governance and political stability.

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Treating civil servants fairly and justly is imperative for social justice and economic advancements for the larger population of the State, after all, Kogi State is usually perceived as Civil Servant State. This will help to foster a positive work environment, boosting morale and productivity. It enhances job satisfaction, leading to increased commitment and dedication to public service.

More importantly too is the issue of unity in the State, it was glaring that some desperate politicians deployed tribal tactics and drove an ethnic based campaign. This is capable of creating tribal disharmony in the state. It is necessary to foster unity, prioritize inclusivity, engage with diverse community leaders, promote cultural exchange programs, and invest initiatives that benefit all ethnic groups. Encourage dialogue where necessary to address concerns and emphasize shared values for more cohesive and harmonious state.

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We, at Corps De Progressives-Nigeria, parades an arrays of professionals who have contributed greatly to the development of the State and Nigeria at large. Our members are still making great strides in advancing the course of humanities in their various callings within and outside the State. We have and still championing laudable charity program in Education, Health and other areas of human endeavours. We hope that as you take up this onerous assignments, you will avail us the chance to further add values to the life of the people through partnership or otherwise.

As you embark on the journey ahead, may you navigate the challenges with wisdom and grace, and may your tenure bring prosperity, unity and positive transformation to our dear Kogi State and Nigeria at large. Best wishes for a successful and impactful term in office.

Com. Yunusa Jimoh
President, Corps De Progressive

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