By Balogun Omeiza David (BOD)


The children of late Adayi Umoru Oricha Audu, who is the father of Alh. Dr. Umar Oricha Shuaibu, the Director General, Government House Administration today gathered to pray in remembrance of their father who died on Tuesday, 24th August, 1972.

The event which took place at their family house located in Agassa had many family members, neighbours and well wishers in attendance.

The Islamic prayers held to remember the departed soul of Adayi Umoru Oricha Audu who died 51 years ago was conducted by Mall. Ahmad Salihu, the Assistant Imam of Ahache Junction Mosque, Agassa. He said, “The departure of our father 51 years ago is worth remembering today by his children and those of us who were yet to be born as at the time he lived and also died.” Speaking further he said, “We are glad to know our late father Adayi Umoru Oricha Audu through his children who are living a God-fearing life, showing hospitality to their neighbours and also have made names in their different places of endeavours. This is the exact testimony we heard of our late father when he was alive as a great farmer that he was generous and loving to a fault.”


Alh. Dr. Umar Oricha Shuaibu while speaking after the prayer organised to commemorate the 51 years departure of his father said, “I will always be grateful to Almighty Allah (SWT) who has kept us since the early departure of my father from this world. I was only 11 years and eight months old when my father breathed his last. When this ugly incident happened, we thought the world had come to an end for all of us as he was the sole bread winner of the family coupled with the support he was getting from our mother who is also of blessed memory.” Amidst tears rolling down his cheeks he went on to add that, “Almighty Allah (SWT) proved Himself faithful by keeping us the children alive and also making us to weather the different storms of life. We have never for once begged for bread since our father and mother left this world to be with their Maker. We have grown from grace to grace. We have multiplied as a family and Almighty Allah’s protection has been our portion till today. This is the reason why we have gathered here today to show total appreciation to Almighty Allah who has kept us this far.”

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He appreciated all the Muslim clerics and well wishers who gathered to pray, show their support and love to them as a family which he described as, “An unwavering type of love.”

There was much exchange of pleasantries as many people who graced the remembrance prayer were meeting after along stretch of time. There was much eating and drinking which was followed by taking of photographs by those who were present.


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