Over the past few weeks, there have been blistering call on Kogi Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello to run for the 2023 Presidency. I have taken my time to xray what would have been responsible for this resounding call that is gathering momentum.


Kogi is a small Nigeria. It was balkanized along ethnic interests before 2016. There was mutual distrust and citizens did not see the strength in a united Confluence State. Then Yahaya Bello stepped in and with his magic wand, the State is today very united.

His appointments, projects and programs reflect a State in unity. Nigeria is today battling with unity. The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari might have done a lot. But I know Yahaya Bello will cement a united Nigeria. He has walked the talk and leaves no one in doubt as to his indisputable credentials to unite our nation.


I had the privilege of travelling from Lokoja to Ejiba with the Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo. He went to show me round the Rice Mill at Ejiba. I was stunned. I have been one of the people tweeting that it was an ‘audio’ Mill. So we were made to believe.


The Commissioner challenged me to come and see things myself. I have never seen such an audacious move to end rice importation. I witnessed the milling and was impressed. Nigeria today is faced with food insufficiency. Kogi is answering that question already. I wont be surprised if Nigerians ask for the man doing it in Kogi to come and replicate his magic at the centre.


Gerontocracy has been the Nigerian bane. No vibrant ideas by dynamic youth because they call us leaders of tomorrow. In Kogi, we are already leaders of today. Kogi has shown the power of the Nigerian youth. Commissioners, SAs, SSAs are as young as the Governor, his Deputy and the Chief of Staff. In Kogi, the youth are in charge. So I can understand why youth across Nigeria are calling for GYB.


I will take this from different perspectives. He went into a Staff Verification Exercise. He was vilified, insulted, abused and called names. He stuck to his gun and today, Kogi is better for it. The reforms have repositioned the civil service and made it more efficient and effective.

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He won that because he didn’t fear the cabals. Again, he stood his ground on Covid-19. I didn’t like him a bit until his stance on Covid-19 began to draw very positive attention to him. His position has been vindicated globally. He was fearless. He dared the conspirators and protected his people.

This will be recorded well by those who will write the history of that State. How I wish Nigeria listened to ‘Prophet’ Yahaya Bello? Today, we are full of regrets. We are now buying food at exorbitant rates. Kogi is one of the few states that have invested heavily in Medical Technology. He refused to compromise. He said he won’t try to make money at the expense of his people. Nigeria needs such a fearless man to fix the nation.


Students across the nation are suffering at home because of the industrial action by members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities. One state insulated from the mess is Kogi State. All Kogi State owned higher institutions of learning are in session. Someone did it. He should do it for Nigeria.

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The nation is battling insecurity. Insurgents are bringing us to our knees. As hard as President Muhammadu Buhari is trying, some people are still sabotaging him. That was the case in Kogi before 2016. I was shown the hotbed of kidnapping. We drove through those places and nothing happened. The Kogi Security Architecture is needed at the Centre. Come and do the magic here, Mr Governor.

GYB has done much more in Healthcare, Roads, Environment, Sports, Transportation and many others.


They say they are telling the truth, but they don’t want to hear the truth. They are quick to snap pictures of Federal Roads in Kogi to position their ill-gotten notion that the Governor is doing nothing. He is doing a lot. He has returned Kogi to glory. He has secured the state from criminals and cabals. He has repositioned her agriculture.

And I say: He is my man for 2023. May God bless that man for Nigeria.

Femi Atoyebi is a Public Analyst. He writes from Oguntolu Street, Onipanu, Lagos.

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