2023 Kogi Gov’ship Race won’t be determined by Tribal differences but financial benefits, influence and power.

The forthcoming Kogi state gubernatorial election scheduled for November 11, 2023 and its build up are significantly particular events in the political history of Kogi state. The realities, despite unfortunate, yet is intriguing. Never in history has Kogi governorship tussle depended on tribal lines as we have presently among the Kogi West, East and Central senatorial districts. However, it is safe to say that, outcome of the election will not be determined by tribal differences but will be greatly determined by financial benefits, influence and power.

There might be a vote for tribal revolution and emancipation or power rotation someday, but with the prevailing socioeconomic realities of the people and political culture especially, November 2023 election will be grounds for financial powers and political influence testing between candidates across party lines.

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Ruthless forces are gathering and consolidating to legitimately have the power to drain Kogi people off their commonwealth… Sadly, this reality is almost inevitable either ways.

The political scheming and workings are so perfectly played out by political parties and actors. The people’s will is now a third option in Kogi state. The only will that would have been left for the common man is the will of who to SELL loyalty to. But then even that is factored on one thing, PRICE and sometimes WHY…

The elites and few others who are privileged to have personal opinion and/or contribute to forming the opinion of others now pitches their support tents with the interests that represents a means to some personal ends.

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Integrity doesn’t matters anymore, credibility doesn’t work anymore, popularity is no longer a popular opinion, moral justification is determined by financial benefits and accountability forgotten.

All that matters now in Kogi State Gubernatorial race is financial benefits and relevance, and people say politicians will sell their souls for any of those.

If the people, the poor masses, the common Kogi state men and women, the civil servants, the workers has any criteria to consider as factor of making the right choice in the forthcoming gubernatorial election, it will be ANTECEDENTS. Sadly for Kogi people, in the current Kogi political market, antecedent is not a popular commodity.

A political and administrative tsunami is gaining strength to sweep Kogi, it wills and approaches are, and will be at the detriment of the people’s will. The people are feeling they can’t win the war and they are joining forces with their oppressors already. We all are aiding this and will be guilty for this.

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The leadership recruitment process that has began, and will produce next administration in Kogi State is not built on a people oriented ideology. When the ends of all our political permutations meet, what will be left of our people, society at large our good name and for posterity?… Let’s be modest and careful enough to see the separation and human degradation that looms! The people better unite !

– Nayo J B writes from Kabba, Kogi State.
Social reform activist.

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