Why It is The Turn of Imansuangbon


In any circle where the topic of discussion is who succeeds Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State come 2024 the name that is among those commonly mentioned is Barrister Kenneth Imansuangbon (aka The Riceman).


For over 20 years, Barrister Imansuangbon has been a recurring decimal of who is best qualified to govern Edo State when the conditions of fair play, maturity, having a sense of purpose, being courageous, capability, generosity, resourcefulness, honesty, integrity, are juxtaposed.

As an administrator ‘The Riceman’ has proven his capabilities with the way he handles the affairs of the Pacesetters Group of which is made up of six campuses in choice locations of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

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In the area of political sagacity Barrister Imansuangbon has etched his name in the sands of time with his clean attitude towards the game of politics coupled with his sense of direction and clear focus on issues.

Since his emergence in the politics of Edo State, Barrister Imansuangbon has been paddling his boast in a forward trajectory without recourse to the financial support of godfathers the way some other politicians go about seeking for relevance.

Barrister Imansuangbon is a man who relates pleasantly with everyone irrespective of tribe, language, culture, social status and other issues that tend to place a space between contemporaries.

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His humble upbringing has played a major role in his mastery of how to handle issues devoid of resorting to the status of those involved to determine his line of action. He has placed no barriers in his daily dealings thus making him accessible and available to attend to variety of issues ranging from the mundane to the absurd.

He plays no pretention in all he does making him to have the ability of mix properly in a gathering of people who some may consider as been too low in social standing in comparison to him. His favourite pass time is to sit on the same dining table with most of the peasant population of his Ewohinmi community of Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State during festive occasions.

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He understands the feelings of the people of the state and as such needs no further prompting on how to proffer solutions to the barrage of problems that they face every day.

Osaro J. Idemudia writes from Benin city

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