Rev. Fr. Andrew Obinyan to Politicians: The Cry of the Poor has reached God’s Ear.

Rev. Fr. Andrew Obinyan to Politicians: The Cry of the Poor has reached God’s Ear.


By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City

Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Andrew Obinyan, has called on Politicians to intensify their effort in providing social welfare programmes that will directly impact on the citizens and guarantee a decent standard of living.He stated that God hears the cry of the poor.

He made the call while addressing the mammoth congregation at St. Francis Church grounds shortly after his customary empowerment programme for indigent parishioners and assisting widows with welfare packages.

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Fr. Obinyan noted with pain and abhorrence the growing and life wrenching poverty, hunger and misery in the land. He advised leaders of Governments at all levels not to focus only on physical infrastructure but ensure a corresponding investment in poverty reduction, youth empowerment, building and revamping of ailing industries in Agriculture, Textile, Health, Housing, Recreation, Waste Management and Recycling to boost job opportunities.

“Good governance also encompasses policies that favour food security and farmers interest. Some politicians and their next generation will live in luxury and remain unruffled by the detestable waters of poverty. Yet they must not neglect to see the moral and political agency of the poor and jobless, especially the youth.


” The unfortunate part of the imbroglio is the naive understanding and interpretation of good governance as simply building roads, bridges and paying monthly wages for labour or services rendered according to contract. Nay, not so, that is not good governance in its fulness.

Honourable Politicians, let the Masses feed on your promises, not with a sense of foreboding but a sense of trust.God hears the cry of the poor.

Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Andrew Obinyan writes from Benin City

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