The attention of the Kogi State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has been drawn to a write up by Mr. Hamza Aliyu of Initiative for Grassroot Advancement in Nigeria (INGRA) in which he labored in vain to defend the untoward behavior of Mr. Idris Miliki Abdul.


Mr. Hamza in his write-up alluded to the fact that Miliki is challenged when it comes to relating with people, but went further to suggest that everyone that has come in contact with him should be able to accept his misbehavior.

He also described Miliki as a fearless person who speak truth to power, may be the only reason Mr. Hamza believes that people should continue to swallow Miliki’s bitter pills each time he dishes it out.

The council wishes to call the attention of Mr. Hamza to the fact that good character and decency should be the hallmark of any civilized person.

We refer him to his university graduation brochure and that of Mr. Miliki if he ever went to school where it is expressly stated that graduating students are found worthy in character and learning.

Therefore if his client (Miliki) is only found worthy in speaking truth to power and lack the requisite character to relate well with people then whatever gains he must have made from being worthy in speaking truth to power will be rubished by his lack of character.

Mr. Hamza got it wrong when he said that the fundamental freedom of speech of Miliki has been infringed upon because our action has not stopped him from saying whatever he wants to say.

All we have said, is that our members will no longer be part of the people Miliki can treat with disdain. If we may ask Mr. Hamza how many wrestling matches has Miliki fought to earn him whatever fame he think he has today.

If he could throw caution to the wind and address media professionals that have given him voice over the years, then he is not deserving of our collaboration again.

You can’t bite the finger that feeds you and expect to be fed again. The media in Nigeria and Kogi State in particular have played wonderful roles in entrenching good governance and saner society and majority of our members here in Kogi State both now and in the time past suffered bodily injuries and other inconveniences for standing with the people of Kogi State, yet they were well behaved unlike your client, Miliki

We will therefore not tolerate any rubbish and unnecessary embarrassment from any low level person in the name of collaboration. The dignity and respect for our members is sacrosanct and must be accorded to them at all times.

Adeiza Momohjimoh

Ademu Seidu Haruna

By joshua

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