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It has been brought to our attention that an article titled “Asuku For Governor” has been circulating a purported “political ambition” of Pharm. Asuku, the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor.

This article and its content can only be likened to a beer parlor gist as the whole article is solely based on rumors, a figment of the writer’s imagination, and the general public is advised to disregard it with the contempt that it deserves.

It is the work of mischief-makers who seek to distract the Chief of Staff, his cordial relationship with His Excellency, Chief Edward Onoja, and sow a seed of discontentment in the New Direction team.

We understand that the writer is a known supporter of the opposition and might hold a personal grudge against Pharm. Asuku but that shouldn’t mean he can masquerade his malicious intents under the banner of perceived objectivity.

It has become important to make this clarification for the benefit of the good people of Kogi State who doesn’t need this needless gossip at this time we are just recovering from a pandemic, civil unrest, and also for the benefit of those who may be misled by this.


Let it be clear that, it is a constitutional right to seek any elective position it is however important to make it categorically clear that the Chief of Staff, Pharm. Asuku has at no point in the last five years vied for any political position or even make known his political ambition.

The Chief of Staff merely celebrated his one year in office just a few weeks ago, and the 2023 general election is still few years ahead, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be obsessed about it when they should focus on the governance at hand.

Though these slanders are expected, an attempt to rewrite history, to spew negative narratives about a man who, amongst his peers is known for his undivided loyalty and dedication, competency and integrity, brilliance, and intelligence.

It is no surprise that the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello right from the start made him the Director-General of Protocol of Kogi Government and help bring forth his vision for Kogi State.

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The Office of DG protocol, which before his time was basically unknown and redundant, Pharm. Asuku in his usual competent and proactive nature gave life to the office, performed his duties to the pleasure of his boss, impacted positively, and contributed immensely in reaching the grassroots for the reelection of his boss in 2019.

Pharm. Asuku in his personal capacity has helped several victims of life-threatening medical conditions to support the people with palliatives in critical moments, granting scholarships, skills acquisition, indiscriminately to everyone without considering their background, ethnicity, or religion.

Through his educational outreach program, a project specifically designed to facilitate access to high-quality educational opportunities for children from several communities in Kogi State had paid WAEC and NECO fees for indigent students all across the state for several years.

Pharm. Asuku has proven that he is a loyal, trustworthy, competent, and dedicated man with integrity — the man of the people, the same traits that have made him successful in every office he occupied — and to say otherwise is being deliberately mischievous.


Although the office of Chief of Staff is generally seen as personal staff of the Governor, it is also the engine room of the administration. There is no need for needless comparisons, Pharm. Asuku will continue with his remarkable work and ensure that there is a harmonious working relationship among the members of the governor’s cabinet.

The Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello, his Deputy, His Excellency, Chief Edward Onoja, the Chief of Staff, Pharm. Jamiu Asuku and the New Direction team are united in mutual respect irrespective of religion or ethnicity and are focused on working together for the development of Kogi State.

The general public is hereby advised to kindly disregard falsehood like these that may spring up in the coming days as they are intended to cause pandemonium among the general public.

Thank you.

Abubakar Y. Mujahid
Special Assistant to Chief of Staff
31st October 2020.

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