QS Aminu Abubakar Suleiman: Advancing Human Devt. Through Private/Public Practice Cum Politics


By Abubakar Yusuf

His Excellency Alhaji Aminu Abubakar Suleiman AAS, is a household name and a former Governorship aspirant under the People’s Democratic Party PDP, in Kogi State.

Untill his decision to join politics at the state level,his contributions to the developement and advancement of humanity overrides his personal interest.

Wholly a private sector driven individual with interest in chains of companies and conglomerates,QS Aminu Abubakar Suleiman had being deeply involved in the business of remodeling Nigeria airports, to meet the yearnings and aspirations of many Nigerians,as well as meet the International standard.


It is on record that some of his conglomerates was deeply involved in both construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation projects across states and Federal establishments.

His high profile indigenous companies had carried out successful jobs on public monuments and private establishments to improve the architecture of the country and it’s clients.

From a humble background,QS Abubakar had combined his family orientation,exposure and passion to develop humanity to bring to bare on the developement of Nigeria.

As a successful public bidding company,the success recorded in timely job exectuon and quality, as well as timely completion had attracted the patronage of his establishment by many organisations.

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The former Kogi Governorship aspirant was one of the highly favoured in the last contest under PDP, in the last November 16 Kogi election.

His success in the private sector span for decades was to be replicated in the public service,hence the mass support garnered during the electioneering campaign and quest for Kogi Leadership in 2018.

Alhaji Aminu Abubakar Suleiman maiden entrance into Kogi politcs and by extension Nigeria politcs trascends beyond parochial ,ethnic,tribal and political differences lace with the desire to salvage the people of Kogi State.

It is already in the public domain,that the age long wealth of experience garnered overtime from the organised private sector,will be a good thing that will happen to the people of Kogi State.

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Even though,with the first impressive outing,the people of Kogi state are looking up to another good time to attract the private driven entity of QS Aminu Abubakar Suleiman to transform the political landscape of Kogi and Nigeria at large.

Abubakar Yusuf Writes From Abuja,Is A Public Affairs Analyst.

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