Kogi born entertainment entrepreneur who is one of the national leaders of PMAN and a house of representative candidate in the last Nigerian national elections has dropped a very emotional & didactic musical piece curently trending and receiving positive reviews worldwide.



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”Mudu baya is not just a song but an inspired art piece… the source is the Holy spirit, the God head, the positive force of the universe…this is the first time I am listening to J.F.O & Wow, he is unique.. good melody… good sound… I love this.

(Bishop Alphonse Baya Mwaro;
Anglican Bishop of Mombasa, Kenya)

This is great. I watched it on YouTube…and was highly inspired. Forgiveness lightens the burdens of the heart. The message of the music Mudu Baya is: forgive so that you can bring about unity and togetherness; forgive so that you can unburden your heart.
For this, the music should be celebrated and the message should be practiced.

Islamic cleric LAGOS

What a wonderful and powerful message of healing and unity? Thank you for the insight. This is a message reflective of your personality, and I indulge all of us to embrace it. Timely…. A truly ambassadorial message.
Thank you for sharing this gift with the world.

Sam Alfa.
Member IGALA U.S.A

I just listened to it now, is really inspiring.
Please make it available on CD for those who may not have access to it online, because this music would go a long way in healing many wounds among families, couples, colleagues, friends, employers and employees and host of others. Thank you for the good Job. More grace of possibilities is my wish and prayer for you JFO.


Why not check out the video of the song on you tube?


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