Okun University: Hon Femi Bolaji Extends Appreciation to Gov Yahaya Bello, Hails Decision as a Bold Step Towards Okunland’s Progress



Hon Femi Bolaji, the Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Kogi State on Culture and Tourism Development, has expressed his admiration and gratitude towards Governor Yahaya Bello for approving the establishment of a state university in the Western area of the State.


In an interview with our correspondent in Lokoja on Thursday, Hon Femi Bolaji, an expert in culture and tourism, described the governor’s approval as “a highly commendable development.” He further praised Governor Bello as an exceptional administrator who possesses the knowledge and vision to expand the frontiers of knowledge, growth, development, equity, fairness, and balance.

Hon Bolaji took the opportunity to advocate for Yagba land as the ideal location for the university, emphasizing that it is the only federal constituency in the region that has yet to host any institution of higher learning. By selecting Yagba land, the governor would not only bridge this educational gap but also contribute to the overall development of the area.

Additionally, Hon Bolaji appealed to the traditional council in Kogi West to collaborate with the governor in his endeavor to accelerate growth and development in the region. Cooperation from all stakeholders, including the traditional leadership, is essential to ensure the successful establishment and functioning of Okun University.

Overall, Governor Yahaya Bello’s decision to establish a state university in the Okun speaking area of Kogi State has received widespread appreciation from the good people of Kogi West. This move is seen as a bold step that will undoubtedly contribute to the rapid progress and development of Okunland. With the right location and collective efforts from the community and its leaders, Okun University has the potential to become a catalyst for positive change and academic excellence in the region.


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