NYCN Issues Strong Warning Against Unauthorized Representation, Impersonation in Kogi State


In a recent statement, the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Kogi State Chapter has issued a stern warning against individuals falsely representing the council without proper authorization. The legitimate representatives emphasize that impersonation of council leadership is a serious offense and will face legal consequences.


The NYCN has identified cases where individuals are claiming to represent the organization, engaging in activities beyond their legal authority. The council is committed to protecting its mandate entrusted by the youth of Kogi State and emphasizes that any unauthorized representation will not be tolerated.

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Furthermore, the council cautions political parties and aspirants to exercise caution when approached by individuals claiming to represent NYCN for mobilization or support. The organization explicitly states in its constitution that it does not engage in soliciting or mobilization efforts for political candidates. It encourages political parties to focus on grassroots engagement rather than relying on false representations.

The statement also addresses financial solicitations in the name of the council, emphasizing that those seeking financial incentives on behalf of NYCN are not genuine members. Candidates are warned that any payments or support extended to such individuals will be at their own risk and not endorsed by the council.

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The NYCN clarifies that there is no BOARD OF TRUSTEES (BOT) at the state level and warns against individuals claiming to be part of such entities. It stresses that such claims constitute impersonation and will face legal consequences.

The message reiterates the commitment of the legitimate NYCN leadership under Amb. Sokubo Sara-Igbe Sokubo as the President, with chapter chairmen in all 36 states plus the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The former leaders, while respected, no longer have a role in determining the administration and operations of the Council.

In a final warning, the NYCN emphasizes its readiness to take all necessary actions to protect its credibility and mandate. The statement calls on well-meaning individuals to support the organization’s mission in working for the best interests of Nigerian youth.


Amb. Usman Ogohi Samuel
Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kogi State Chapter.

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