New Year Message: Mr. Reuben Atabo SAN felicitates with Kogites, Nigerians.

A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Reuben Atabo SAN, has sent a message of felicitations to Nigerians, Particularly the people of Kogi State a in a statement he personally signed.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria urged Nigerians particularly people of Kogi State to use the new year to renew their commitment to collective prosperity, growth and development by contributing more to nation building and shunning all forms of negative tendencies.

“I have the hope that we are making the desired progress as a nation. We no doubt should look forward with renewed hope that it can only be better notwithstanding various security and economic challenges that has become a world order; confronting every country of the world in different magnitude and in different ways.

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“As Nigerians and Kogites, our unique strengths and characters to overcome our challenges collectively have never been in doubt, what we need now more than ever is to galvanise these unique qualities for the good of all as permissible under a democratic set up.”

“It is my hope that the new year will bring out the empowerment of Nigerians and that through increased job opportunities Nigeria will be working again,”

“It is my hope that all Nigerians will live in a safe and secure country,” he said.

Mr. Reuben Atabo said he hopes that all Nigerians will live in an economy that provides them the quality of life they deserve.


“My commitment in the new year is to help ensure that Nigeria will rise again and that the hopes of all Nigerians and Kogites in particular will become a reality,” he added.

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