Mission and Vision if Elected As Deputy National Chairman of Nigerian Union of Pensioners.


The time for collaboration with the incoming National Executives of the Nigerian Union of Pensioners to reposition the Union is certainly now and cannot be over emphasised.

With sincerity of purpose, I wish to present my vision to our distinguished delegates to the National Delegates Congress of our great union.

While it would certainly not be a one man efforts if elected, it is my sincere desire, working in synergy with the National Executives of NUP collaborate to move the Union forward.

Towards achieving the laudable mission of improved welfare of members, I’ll develop a template that would make the NUP at the National Investment driven with emphasis in the Hotel, Tourism and Transportation Sectors.

It is my earnest expectations for the union that moving into the new future, rather than rely solely and dependent on check off dues, the NUP at the National would explore opportunities on Investment generation.

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This Investment generating opportunities which would be in infrastructure and other businesses in my candid believe would enable the Union to be self sustaining without necessarily relying on check off dues.

The days when pensioners who are considered as people who can no longer do any other business other than go into retirement is wrong as I have a developed blueprint that would propel the NUP becoming a Investment driven Union.

Let me also restate that my mission if elected is to equally provide a voice for Parastatals as well as correct the age long over dependence of State NUP on the National.

Furthermore, my utmost desire is to replicate the ongoing development in the South Western States of Nigeria. It is heart warming to note that the NUP in Ondo, Ekiti, Ogun, Oyo have made marks in the building of infrastructure that are revenue generating.


It is my fervent believe that if State NUP can set up Radio Stations, Hotels and other Investment generating opportunities in the South West region of Nigeria, having done a painstaking research as well as findings and with a developed blueprint, the National NUP can do same with achievable results.

On the issues surrounding the welfare of Pensioners and the Provision of palliatives to our poor and Vulnerable members. It is my fervent plan to collaborate with NGOs within and outside the country towards Providing the needed support for members.

I will make the necessary contact with foreign embassies, other world bodies and institutions towards setting up opportunities to cater for members in times of needs and emergencies.

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My mission is to also collaborate with other National Executives towards Providing adequate support for members towards ensuring the regular payment of gratuities and pension by the various State Government.

Let me place on record that if elected I intend to through collaboration, formulate strategies that would lead to supporting the various State in ensuring that pensioners do not look up to the National to help in fighting the payment of the entitlements.

This collaborative effort would be to open up Frank and sincere discussion with the State Government on the need to adequately take care of the problems of state pensioners.

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