For a people blessed with massive natural resources, arable farm land, aquatic riches and huge cultural/historical background to cap it, great human resource yet backward in realizing the potential of all of the above calls for concern.


Land mass alone almost equals the entire South East Geopolitical axis of the nation just some few hundreds of meter square differentials.

How have we been able to match up this huge potential with reality?

It all boils down to leadership.
Have we had leaders? Yes! Have we had leaders who had leaders with foresight undoubtedly NO! Not even the current comes close.
When I mean leaders it premise on leadership from all stratas. The Traditional, Political(Chiefest) Associations cultural and so on and so forth.

Realizing our full potential depends on how we systematically re-orientate ourselves as a people what we want and how we should get it achieved.

Do we have a roadmap of economic growth?
Is there a strategic plan for structural development?
Do we even have a team of THINKERS for the land who will set a template for achieving overall success an create a future for our kingdom?

As we currently have, the political class provides or are enabled to navigate the smooth or rough sailing of the ship.

Unfortunately, the political leaders of Kogi East lacks such quality(es) to set us on such pedestal.

We have been bedeviled with not just bad leadership but leaders who don’t even know the power in their hand.

We have always allowed mediocrity, party sentiments, blindfolded and very dishonest loyalty to no do well leaders to have lead over us.

As we draw close to the general elections, let’s begin to conscientiously do the right thing.
Let’s without any waste of time rally around those who posses the right quality to lead take the centre stage of leadership right from our various levels of associations to our traditional stools up to our various political offices.

We must make no mistake(s) in this election.

To start with, I am proposing we all sit and think of a leaders who are systematic and highly strategic in organizing corporate leadership for the Igala/Bassa Nation.
It’s time we bring to fruition all of our potentials the Creator has endowed us with.
It’s time we stop the backside game and LEVEL UP with other comity of Nations in the country.

We must place above parochialism the following qualities;

Charisma and above all those who have innate and unquenchable love for the kingdom and those who will put the land first before any other interest.

Good afternoon Kogi Easterners!

For the love of the land

To be continued…

Amb Michael Achor Joshua writes from the Confluence City of Lokoja.

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