Kogi Guber: Group Mobilizes Over 42000 Members In Identifying Credible Governorship Candidate.


Kogi Deserve Better Movement, an Independent Campaign Organization says it is mobilizing over 42,000 of it members across the State on the need to adopt a preferred candidate for the Kogi State Governorship election slated for 11th November, 2023.


The Group in a press conference addressed by Awe Kayode, Steering Committee Team Lead, said the movement is born out of passion for the growth and development of Kogi State, lamented that the state has gone through poor leadership in its 32 years of existence and particularly in the last 24 years.


Mr Awe along side other Team Members at the Press Conference notes that it is only through electing credible, capable, and competent candidates into political offices, that the State can take it rightful place, said the movement is focused on ensuring that it identify credible candidate with character, competence, and sellable track records.


He explained that the movement would ensure that such candidate is elected to change the poor situation of the state to a better one by providing Good governance to the people of Kogi state.

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The Movement the Group notes would support, mobilize, and campaign for a candidate with credible character, capacity, and with a good track record both in the public and private sector.

The Group Mr Awe added will be engaging Kogites on voter education and sensitization and
encouraging them for purposeful participation in the electoral process and
voting the right candidate in the forthcoming Kogi State Gubernatorial election.

While stressing that the Movement is built on the pillar of equity, Social justice, Participation In Governance, Community building and Accountability said the Movements political leaning is not particularly tied to any political party or
groups, but focused on the individual candidate’s capacity and ability to govern the state right.

Mr. Awe further adds that the movement has however not identified
any candidate yet from any political party, said the movement would be doing so based on political ideology with the believe that a credible government should be run.

Antecedents, Character, Competence, Capacity Appeal to Young people who would be engaged in governance Mr. Awe disclosed would form the criteria for selecting the preferred candidate for Kogi Governorship

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Other criteria Mr. Awe said that would lead to the emergence of the preferred candidate he disclosed is Equity, National and Global Appeal, Manifesto/Agenda for Kogi, said the Process of emergence by the candidate in the primary would also be analyzed in the selection process.

KDB therefore called on all social-political
groups, civil society organisations, and all Kogi state sons and daughters both home and in the diaspora to join in the move of changing the political narrative of Kogi state, and make things work for the growth and development of kogi state as it believe that if kogi work Nigeria can work for all.

KDB says as an independent campaign organization, it will be
scheduling one on one interactive sessions with each and every candidate of political parties in order to understand their plans and vision for Kogi state and her
people in the next 4 years.

” We are also using this medium to encourage the voters not to engage in vote buying and selling of their votes. Our message remains that all
candidates should appeal to the electorate and convince and not induce them with money to be voted for.

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” We are appealing to the government both at the federal and state level to allow the will of the people of Kogi state to actualize and create a peaceful atmosphere for the success of the November 2023 election in Kogi state.

” We are also calling on all the candidates to shun use of thugs, violence, religion and ethnic slurs during the campaign”, encouraged them to use their campaign to foster peace and unity among kogites and kick against anything that will bring division to kogi state.

” We are also using this opportunity to call on the electoral umpire to
ensure that Kogi State election is free and fair devoid of manipulation and rigging”, urged that the will of the good people of Kogi state count.

The KDB called on the neutrality and transparency of the INEC in the coming election, encouraged everyone in Kogi state to get involved in the coming election and learn more about each candidate’s vision for Kogi state.


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