The legislative business is about lawmaking, representation and oversight. To successfully perform these functions, a legislator must be intellectually sound, articulate, charismatic and people-centric.

He/she must understand the fundamentals of negotiation/lobbying and confrontation to drive home democratic deliverables that will positively impact the social and economic well-being of his people’s.

Honourable Sunday Karimi belongs to this category. He understands firsthand, what the people need. He knows the right laws and motions to push on the floor of the house to improve the lives of his people. He understands the power of consultation in driving the formulation of policies and programmes that guarantees social welfare, economic sustainability and overall growth for the good of the greatest number.

That Kogi West Senatorial district deserves qualitative representation cannot be downplayed. Our Senatorial district deserves a sound, visionary, reliable and credible voice at the Red Chamber this time around.

Experience, Honest and pragmatic, Hon Sunday Karimi has a deep understanding of and insights into the peculiar problems and needs of our Senatorial district. He has continued to demonstrate the willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns.

These traits set him far
apart from the other candidates running for the Senate seat in the Kogi West Senatorial district in next year’s election.

Hon Sunday Karimi is the right man to build a functional and sustainable Kogi West Senatorial district. Let’s support him.

Support and Vote Honourable Sunday Karimi and all APC Candidates for prosperous, Effective, responsive, qualitative and Egalitarian Representation.

So help us God


© Comrade Hamidu Tete Jibrin kupa

By joshua

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