The people’s gubernatorial aspirant of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kogi State, Dr. Sanusi Ohiare has endorsed the candidate of same political party but finds it expedient to inform his loyalists and party faithful across the State. His decision resonates his unconditional love for his political party and the people of Kogi State.


In an event that looks like an august reception, Dr. Sanusi expresses his mind and said, “he is not a politician who wants to do it all himself, who says if not him no others or who wants to get all the credit for doing it alone, his interest is about seeing Kogi State matching up with the best of states in this country and nothing more”. However, he said, “Hon. Ododo, you are not going to be elected merely to make a living, but you are going to be elected to enable the good people of the state to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are going to be elected to enrich the people of the state and not your league. You will impoverish yourself if you forget this errand! But, ofcourse, I am more than confident that you will turn the state to a cynosure of all eyes through infrastructural development, job creation, enviable heaven for investment and confluence of opportunities for all”.

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Hon. Ododo who could not hide his joy over his endorsement said, “Dr. Sanusi wasn’t the only gubernatorial aspirant that waded into primaries with him, but it is extremely rare in the history of democracy to have particularly, prominent and mainstream figure like Dr. Sanusi Ohiare who has everything it takes to wants to trigger war and disruption against his emergence in the party, but not only did he eschewed vendetta, he embraced his candidacy and urged his supporters to do same for the betterment of the state – Dr. Sanusi Ohiare is a young charming politician of two million supporters he can not do without”.


Dr. Sanusi Ohiare appreciates his coming and his entourage by extension, appreciate the good people of Kogi state for their countless acts of courage, generosity, grace, and acceptance during his outreach and campaigns tour across the State. He reiterates his determination for better Kogi State, that he is an idealist and he loves the state deeply; he however called his supporters to purse their competencies and professionalism towards Hon. Ododo’s victory.

Dr. Sanusi Ohiare’s Media Crew.

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