Engage Youthful Assets For National Development: *Youth O’Clock’s advise to Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The President-Elect.



Our dear Nation has just passed the turbulent face of political transition, the citizens have exercised their franchise in the hope of positive changes in governance:


administrative policy, sustainable economic development and engagement of youth in various sectors of the economy and polity to function with the desired enthusiasm.

Youth are essential components of our demographic settings, it becomes pertinent to have their inclusion in governance. That is, if our leaders desire to set a square peg on a square hole.

On the journey to make the dream of our President-Elect His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu a reality, a dream Nurtured out of the desire to consolidate the patriotic intentions of our founding Fathers.

Youth were on the frontline to speak and converse with millions of Nigeria to make the dream a reality.

One of the Youth frontier, Amb. (Dr.) Adegboyega Bamisile, who served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Director-General of the defunct Tinubu/Shettima Campaign Council, where he led teams of dedicated volunteers and supporters to deliver a resounding victory for the All Progressives Congress (APC). His role in the last presidential election in Nigeria has distinguished him as a young and vibrant professional with a degree in Political Science and International Relations, Public Administration and Management.

He Hails from a humble origin in Ekiti State, a trusted son and ardent ally of the President-Elect.

Bamisile’s achievements in national assignments are notable and inspiring. He demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking, and effective communication, which helped to unite various interest groups and energize the grassroots. His commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness earned him the respect and trust of many Nigerians, especially the youths.

Bamisile’s achievements were not limited to the campaign period; he continued to serve the APC and the nation in various capacities and through his engagements, he earned recognition from National Youth bodies and the United Nation’s peace advocacy organization.

Given Bamisile’s track record of excellence, patriotism (through consultative action) and how he navigated the erstwhile quiet terrain of the Ekiti political scene then leading to a convincing landslide victory for our President-Elect from the state, it is imperative that President-elect Tinubu considers him for a ministerial appointment in his administration.

Bamisile’s skills, experience, and passion can contribute to various sectors of national development, including education, sports, health, security, infrastructure, and youth empowerment.

He has demonstrated his ability to lead and collaborate with diverse teams, initiate and implement innovative ideas, and deliver tangible results. Moreover, Bamisile’s appointment would serve as a morale booster for many young Nigerians who aspire to contribute to national development but face various challenges.

Youth O’ Clock is a youth-focused media platform and a non-governmental organization committed to promoting good governance and youth empowerment, we advise President-elect Ahmed Bola Tinubu to engage youthful assets like Dr. Adegboyega Bamisile; a credible ambassador in his administration. We believe that such engagement would not only benefit the individuals involved but also the entire nation. Nigeria needs the best and brightest of its youth to achieve its potential and overcome its challenges. We urge Tinubu to prioritize merit, competence, and integrity in his appointments and to allow youth to excel and serve their country.

In conclusion, we congratulate President-elect Ahmed Bola Tinubu on his victory and wish him a successful and impactful tenure.

We also appeal for his heed to our advice and engage youthful assets like Dr. Adegboyega Bamisile for national development.

The time is now for Nigeria to harness the potential of its youth and build a prosperous and inclusive future for all…


Ismail O. Ismaila

Convener : *Youth O’Clock*

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