Ebira Sons and Daughters duly appreciate our very own philanthropist in person of Alh. Yakubu Salawu Dongo, a positive assets to the good people of Ebiraland.


Alh. Yakubu Salawu Dongo is known as father to the fatherless, father to the orphan’s, a youthful and useful father, a father with the love of the youths at heart. He has assisted thousand of residents for a portable water (boreholes) accessibility and hygiene services within Ebiraland.

He is entrusted with growth and nurturing the youths to the enviable heights owing to his awesome track records in Ebiraland, by just mentioning his name, the youths, his friends, relatives, both sons and daughters in Ebiraland have different positive stories to tell, all because of his achieved history of helping and building people around him through the job first as a good leader.

It’s no longer news that many of his colleagues and subordinate can testify to his capacity as witnessed over the years in Ebiraland and Kogi State in general on service of both human uplifting and community development.

Sequels to the numerous assistance he had rendered to both sons and daughters of Ebiraland under his watch as a philanthropist and academic elites who has laid a solid foundation in shaping our future career. He always regard every youths who is opportune to come his way as his own children with moral and financial support.

Just Recently, Alh. Yakubu Salawu Ozi Dongo rehabilitate one of the government owned abandoned clinic situated at iresuha in Adavi local government, Kogi state for the betterment of Aniebira in general with the best rehabilitation tools, such as hospital equipment, building refinishing, clinic wards extensions, laboratory equipment in carrying out treatment for the residents residing within and outside Ebiraland.
Alh. Yakubu Salawu Dongo has supported thousand of youths to acquired a sound education and provision of job in both public and private sectors in enhancing one’s career.
Personally, I want to praise you with the following Ebira names because of your good legacy, you deserved to be called Omeiza, Adeiza, Adavuruku, Àdiohuje, Adinoyi, Anataku, Ozavinoyi, Idu-obanyi, Ozi Aniebira Oboro.

Indeed, you are worthy to be appreciative publicly for your kind gesture toward community development and humanitarian services.

So therefore, Ebira sons and daughters call on Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in person of HRM. ALH. DR. Ado Ibrahim, to grace Alh. Yakubu Salawu Dongo with the title of “OMEIZA-OBANYI OF EBIRALAND” (EBIRA–PHILANTHROPIST).

Best regards sir.

God bless Alh. Yakubu Salawu Dongo
God bless Omeiza–Obanyi Of Ebiraland.
God bless Ebiraland.

Comr. M.I Hadi.

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