Do you feel guilty when you lie?


May we never behave immaturely to the point that we will be referred to as “Children” instead of “Men”. Such statement is very disrespectful to our personality, think deep, and check yourself.

Hon. Desmond Eliot, the member representing Surulere Constituency in Lagos state, referred to us as children as a result of the manner we handled the EndSars protest and other related matters.

The whole process created some level of disunity.

Even after he apologized to us, what he said is the reality. Let’s know when to stop and have control of our media usage.


With what I saw and imagined on the reportage about the lekki tollgate episode, I assumed the following morning that hundreds of innocent lives will be lost (God forbid) and Nigeria will never remain the same for the main time. I couldn’t sleep, I was depressed, I developed a high fever that very moment. I never knew the whole information was scripted just like a movie.

Most of us agreed that certain “white” lies are acceptable in society when they don’t directly harm the person they are been told to.

And also, lying isn’t good for anyone. Most people who tell lies including myself feel guilt about lying or something I have done wrong. That’s why most of the time when children tell lie(s), they become guilty and are pushed to tell the truth. That guilt from lying can teach children lessons and encourage them not to do so again.

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Please, we the youths should behave ourselves. Let’s Stop unnecessary lies which are capable of causing harm than good, and always remember the whole world is watching.

May God bless our dear country, bless Nigerians, and redirect our leaders.

M. Jamiu Habeeb, concernedYouth.

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