Comr Mojirola Balogun congratulate Comr Tallest olorunmagba on His Birthday.


_Describes him as a reliable Gift to Humanity_

The Tallest Man Standing!


Oluwatallest Olorunmagba is a true Son of the struggle, the realest guy I’ve ever seen!
Our path cross at NAOS FUL CHAPTER, where he served as my P.R.O.
We further aim higher by pulling struggle for my emergence as the 3rd Female National President of Ijumu Students Union, while he took the position of the first Male Vice President of Ayietoro Gbede Students Union.

Our zeal drove us further and we proceeded to ensure his Victory as the SUG President of Federal University Lokoja, this victory was one of it’s kind as he was also the first SUG President from the Western extraction of Kogi state.
While he was the SUG President, he established the forum of all SUG President in Kogi where he emerged as the Chairman of the Forum, and also took key position at NAUS level( National Association of University Students).
Our Journey continues as we proceeded to lead the indigenous students of Kogi State World wide, I took the platform of NAKOSS NATIONAL, while he enroute the platform of the baby chapter of NANS(NANS JCC KOGI STATE)


We didn’t stop there, we extend our warmest struggle and solidarity to the entire Council of Presidents across the 36 States in Nigeria, where I emerged as the first elected Council Chairperson, Council of 36 State Students President (CSSP). He also took the courage to assemble all Nans JCC Chairmen across Nigeria.

Tallest was one of my key supporter throughout the Journey, he took my struggle as his and ensure absolute success.
Tallest was seen by my friends (then associates) as a man who isn’t fit to be part of us, but I asked them if anyone in this life has ever been fit to be anywhere before?
This led to my friends turning enemies, they hated our togetherness and ensure they form a coup to our downfall.

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Our struggle was full of positive energy and obstacles, but we have the orientation to keep moving in sun or rain, we built Forces that seems to be a threat to some government officials, this led to so many challenges, but we were never deterred.

Amidst adversity, challenges and torment, Tallest was the only man standing tall and still standing!

Tell Me Why The World Won’t Be A Better Place, If We Can Have Men To Stand Like Tallest!!!

Dear Oluwatallest, you’ve proven yourself to be true, real and sincere, the world own you good success, favour all round and a fulfilled life, keep up the good faith, whatever comes your way are part of the process, we’re at the stage of our flower, after flower fruits cometh, be prepared for the harvest cus the hour is here!

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Mafoooo 🤝

Happy Birthday To You Omo Iya Mi!!!
I’m Happy You Made It Through!!!
Many More Years To Celebrate 🥂

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