Certificate forgery: Yet again, another face of a liar in NSHA


In Buhari’s case he was exposed by a news magazine which then ran with “The face of liar”, which I am replicating here about Daniel Ogar Ogazi, which drew public attention to the scandal.


After investigations like the people are seeking in the case of Daniel Ogar Ogazi, Salisu Buhari was found wanting for forgery and was forced to resign.

He was convicted of forgery and was sentenced to two years imprisonment with an old option fine.That infact ended his political career after presiding as speaker for just six weeks.

The story of certificate forgery in this democratic dispensation started in 1999 as earlier stated, with the former speaker of the House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari.

The former speaker was caught-in-the-web of a scandal when his claims that he attended Toronto University in Canada turned out to be false like right now, that of Daniel Ogah Ogazi.

Since the return of the country to civil rule in 1999, a number of politician has been accused of altering or forging their academic certificates and found their way to undeserved political positions in the country.

For this, many have bite the dust as they are either forced to resign their positions or being hindered from assuming the offices they were being considered for and the case of Daniel Ogah Ogazi, a member of the Nassarawa state house of Assembly aspiring to be it’s speaker must not be different.

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This is because the Institution which he stated in his resume to the Independent National Electoral Commission to have attended prior to the State Assembly elections, Adekunle Ajasin University, has denied he has ever been a student of the department of computer science.

In line with Governor Sule’s administration’s focus on integrity, we must seek the honourable thing in this case by not allowing yet another liar to aspire to preside over the Atate House of Assembly seat by helping the State not to allow a man accused of FALSIFICATION of records and other impropriety as regards his academic attachments to aspire as speaker.

It is on record that the Supreme court nullified the election of Bayelsa State Governor elect, David Lyon on the ground that his Deputy Governor elect, Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo, presented false information to the INEC in the run up to the Governorship election in the state.

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The ruling was in consonance with an earlier of the High courts on the matter.

Today our citizens are pleased that we indeed have started on a good note with the good working relationship between the Executive and the legislature that is working well for the people of the state.

Our people do not want to hear or witness a deterioration of their political process turned into a criminal franchise of power grab for self at all cost which would make morality appearing to take flights in everything we are doing in the the state.

In the case of Daniel Ogar Ogazi his own scenario speaks of desperation to acquire power and influence at all cost even after the Adekunle Ajasin University has disown his attendance of the hallow institution and this would affect the moral compass of the Nassarawa State House of Assembly and question its normal and values as an institution if he is allowed to have his way.

This situation is disturbing because it is an absolute flight of morality in the polity that is a product of desperation to acquire power and influence in the state by all means by the same Daniel Ogar Ogazi.

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We are alarmed that if actions are not taken on this matter by investigating Daniel Ogar Ogazi before he kill anything that is good in the Nassarawa state House of Assembly, then have s speakership if it comes to fruition would easily make immorality pervades the entire state and the implementation of the state’s laws passed by the house would be tainted because it is foundational a product of immorality.


The political parties which would allow people like Daniel Ogar Ogazi be their candidate in an election even after passing through the internal screenings allowed by political parties law in the country to present the best possible candidate that has gone through it’s crucial integrity test before presenting them to the public for elections are to blame.

This is the chronic failure on the part of his political party for presenting for election a candidate that have questionable character seen in the case of certificate forgery by this fellow.The mantra of APC which is anti-corruption thrust must not be allowed to be caught in this instance.

Musa Musawa writes from Lafia, Nasarawa State

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