The need for Journalists to monitor constituency projects has been stressed so as to allow for the people to feel the presence of government in there constituencies.


Similarly, proper budget monitoring by Journalists, enables policies, programs and projects captured in the budget by the Government meets the yearnings and aspirations of the people and to ensure that they are delivered to the fullest.

Mr Henry Omokaiye of the Budget Foundation
made the disclosure at the day two of a two-day Media Training Workshop organised by Stallion Times Media Services under the “Get Involved, Dialogue and Improve Project – G-DRIP” with support from Wole Soyinka Center for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ)
under the Collaborative Media Project (Collaborating for media independence and government accountability) funded by the MacArthur Foundation. The training workshop is for journalists on ‘Budget Tracking and Reporting in the Media.’

Making a presentation on Budget Monitoring: Understanding the concept and tracking of constituency projects, Mr. Henry explained that with proper budget monitoring, helps to entrench accountability as well as in assess budget performance of projects and programs.

He equally said budget monitoring by Journalists would ensure that resources are equitably distributed in a fair and equitable manner, added that it also help to direct the policy priorities of government.

While noting that the idea of constituency projects was for constituency to have the presence of government in every community, said the concept of constituency projects began in 1999, is to ensure a minimum presence of government in every constituency by having some grassroots projects sited in each, during a budget process.

While pointing out that the place of Constituency projects cannot be overemphasized, disclosed that it helps in improving rural areas, standard of living, urged Journalists to be abreast with the requisite tools like cameras, GPS device, appropriation act and fieldwork.

While pointing out that people at the grassroots have not benefitted from constituency projects when monies appropriated are compared with the impact of the project, urged for the passage of the Development Fund bill 2019.

While pointing out that the idea of the Constituency project have not met the yearning, aspiration of the people and the purposes it is intended to achieve, lamented that legislators now prefer to nominate projects for their constituents that are almost impossible to monitor.

Mr. Henry recommended citizens engagement, having a standardized platform for public procurement, effective budget monitoring, proper budgeting with relevant information.





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