CNN and MSNBC have called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, making him the 46th president-elect of the United States. By winning Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are projected to have a minimum of 273 Electoral votes, 3 more than the 270 required to win. Their victory heralds a seismic shift in American politics and brings an end to the chaotic presidency of Donald Trump. There are still votes to be counted before the results are official, and three more states have yet to announce their results, but Biden is victorious. The Trump campaign is likely to demand a recount in states where Biden’s margin of victory was slim, which they are entitled to do— so far, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada. Despite these pending lawsuits, Biden and Harris are on track to be inaugurated as president and vice president on January 20, 2021.

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