BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Kogi Governor’s Aide, Omoluabi congratulates General Ojutaiye, describe him as a thoroughbred Officer.


The Special Adviser to the Governor of Kogi State on Civil Service and Labour Matters, Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi has congratulated General Olabode Thomas Ojutaiye on the occasion of his birthday celebration. He says the General is an outstanding professional whose commitment, dedication and loyalty to service and the nation is unequal and unassailable. Omoluabi says General Ojutaiye is a unique Army Officer who has remained humble, professional, quintessential and patriotic in the discharge of his duties to the greatness of the Nigerian Army and progress of the nation.


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The Special Adviser says General Ojutaiye is a sterling example of what a military officer should represent. He says apart from his excellent record of service, the General has been beneficial to the people of his Community and any environment he finds himself.

*Happy birthday to my dearly beloved Uncle, General of the Nigerian Army, teacher of common sense, erudite scholar, cerebral officer, quintessential professional, thoroughbred soldier, outstanding patriot and loving personality. I’m proud to have you as an elder brother, I’m grateful for your love for me, I appreciate your trust in me and anticipatory of the great years ahead. Live long and prosper my future Chief of Army Staff* Omoluabi says


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