Between Ex-Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello and one Austin Okai.

Between Ex-Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello and one Austin Okai.


–The endless purveyor of fake news and hate speech from the pit of hell by Austin Okai.

By Otori Ozigi

For starters,I have been avoiding writing on anything from the camp of a political enemy of GYB,particularly from one Austin Okai because I don’t want to dignify him with a write up by me.

I have thought that the inconsequential and failed half-baked politician who have no worthwhile means of livelihood would stop his many lies and disinformation about the highly successful political icon of our time,,Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

The sordid story of the litany of Austin Okai’s tirades and outright defamation of character of Alhaji Yahaya Bello have a long history that started since 2016.


All through the 8 years tenure of GYB, Austin Okai would not let GYB be.

He kept attacking GYB as if his life depends on his reckless and uncivilized behavior, unbecoming of a young man who should be gainfully employed in the civil service or the private sector to build a more dignifying career.

It is becoming a broken record when the young idle man called Okai begin his negative criticism of GYB, at every given opportunity.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of politician would indulge in politics of bile and bitterness against another highly successful political leader in person of GYB, for no just reason.

What exactly is Austin Okai looking for?

If he had approached GYB for a job by now he would have been gainfully employed.

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This is a man who is not relevant in the politics of his ward and federal Kogi State.

The other day he was amusing himself by throwing his hat in the ring to contest for the House of Representatives seat in the last general election’s in Kogi State.

The result was a predictable and resounding failure as he was deservedly rejected by the good people of his Federal Constituency.

That is the irony of a man who can not win ordinary House of Representatives election but find a passion in destroying other people’s reputation because of pecuniary gains from his paid masters.

My last word is that the good people of Nigeria should ignore him and stop patronizing him by wasting their data in reading his endless tales by the moonlight stories.


Since he gets his manhood’ erection by attacking GYB, let him continue.

Those of us who are not gullible,can see through his cocktails of lies and pure hate speech against GYB.

GYB is just laughing at those who have taken it as a profitable venture to throw darts of hate and undiluted negative criticism against him.

Indeed, politics have been promoted to a new low in Kogj State by the opposition elements,who have no life outside politics.

Shame on them.

Otori Ozigi, a veteran Journalist and PR Consultant ,writes from Okene,Kogi State.

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