A New Nigeria Is Possible If We Put Nigeria First Before Our Interest – Engr Wahab Jimoh


Nigeria might have witnessed series of negative happenings ranging from leadership problem, police brutality, corruption, barrage of attacks by insurgency and phantoms groups and the host of others. As patriotic citizens, we are optimistic Nigeria’s rebirth is possible and will surely give rise to a new Nigeria.

It’s on this note, an astute industrialist, Engr Wahah Jimoh from Kogi Central Senatorial district speaks on what must be done to achieve a new Nigeria that works for all.

Read his full text here:

It is true that we have all what it takes to be the greatest country in Africa in all ramifications but here we are carrying the name of ‘giant of Africa’ without much to show for it.

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Despite the challenges bedeviling  our great nation, I have high hope we will come out of it and a new Nigeria is possible.

As citizens, we must learn to put Nigeria first before our own interest, this is what we got wrong as a people that led us to this present state we found ourselves.

Leadership is a means of serving the people, it’s sacrifice and those entrusted with affairs of governance must begin to see leadership from this purview.

The gap between the leaders and the led is too wide, if we are serious about achieving a new Nigeria, we must bridge that gap. Representatives of the people are not lords over those they are representing, people need to have access to their leaders.


It makes no sense to me for the leaders to live in skyscrapers while the led live on the ground as destitute when the leaders supposed to work closely with his people and change their condition of living.

A lot of campaign promises ended up as mere rendition of words which makes it difficult for people to trust their own government at all level, but I strongly believe a new Nigeria that works for  all is possible if we start by bridging the wide gap between the leaders and the led and see governance strictly as a means of serving the people and making a difference not otherwise. This to me is the way forward .

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