1. The question of what politics is and the extent of Christians
participation in it has been a serious issue in Christianity.


2. The relationship between Christians and their involvement in
political activities is a historically complex subject and a frequent
source of disagreement throughout the history of Christianity up to
the present dispensation.

3. Barr. (Evang.) Dele Suru a Presiding Minister in Oil of Gladness
Empowerment Assembly and Director of Politics and Good Governance Kogi State PFN has provided insights into the mind of God concerning his children participating in politics.

Our slogan in PFN Directorate of Politics and Good Governance is “Christians Believe in Politics”. What is the extent and foundation of our belief in politics and what are the fundamental merits of such believe and the mind and words of God on such believe?

4. These questions are having succinct answers in the 250-page Book
written by the Kogi State Director of Politics and Good Governance, Hon. Barr. Dele Suru, a former Commissioner in Kogi State Executive Council and a Political Practitioner for three decades.

These insights and revelation are going to put right and in proper
direction, Christians believe in politics and the do’s and don’ts.

5. “Christians Believe in Politics” is a loaded literature to guide
Christians into political activities, the 12th chapters Book contains indepth revelation on the restoration of excellent majesty to the people of God by producing the Right Scepter; also Hindrances to Christians Leadership Enthronement and the place of purpose in leadership are well espoused in the chapters of the Book.

6. The Book further elucidate spirit of error that makes leaders to crash in leadership’s journey and the weapon of Christian political warfare, leading to the finger of God in Nigeria political experience.
Finally, the essence of Good Followership as antidote to Good Leadership together with the danger of political covenant and agreement; these and many more are nuggets required for your Rest Roundabout and a good success in political endeavor.

The Book is going to be unveiled on July 28th 2022 at NUT EVENT
CENTER BESIDE POLARIS BANK Lokoja Kogi State under the Distinguished Guest of Honour of the National President of PFN, Bishop Wale Oke.


Your presence at the occasion is going to enhance this believe.

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