2023: Obaseki Can No Longer Deceive Edo People – Inegbeniki


By Ikhili Ebalu, Benin City


Chief Francis Inegbeniki, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) has said that the governor of Edo State Mr Godwin Obaseki would no longer be able to deceive Edo people in the general elections coming up in a matter of weeks.

He made the disclosure in an interview with the press at his residence in Benin city, the Edo state capital over the week end.

Chief Inegbeniki, the Uzoya of Esan land said that Godwin Obaseki would no longer be able to deceive the people of Edo state because they have all come to understand that he is a deceiver whose only intention is to deceive the people with bogus and white elephant projects only meant to hoodwink and bamboozle them.

According to him,
“Let me start by telling the whole world that Godwin Onoghoghase Obaseki, the governor of Edo State is a complete failure because he has failed Edo people.
Those who clapped for him with the slogan of 4+4 have seen the collosal failures of the 4+4(Ogbane) mantra which has turned out to be a catastrophic outing for which all his supporters are now regretting and licking their wounds quietly in frustration.

He further added that this coming elections will portend varied degree of surprises for Obaseki as according to him, “at this coming election, Edo people will not vote for the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) because Godwin Obaseki can no longer deceive them. He has nothing to show the people in his score card as achievement because he has achieved nothing in particular.

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Still speaking, ” the deceits of Obaseki are legendary. We saw the Vice President came to Edo to commission an industrial Park. Which industrial park? He has skillfully and decietfully collected those peoples land and they are all crying now . I am a member, board of trustee, Host Communities Of Nigeria producing oil and gas,part of them are my area where I am a BoT member and he has taken their land and has gone to do Certificate of occupancy (C of O). Where is the industrial Park? Is that not deceitful? How many can I count?

“He has collected Gelegele land for a phantom Sea Port. Where is the Gelegele Port? He has collected their land and done a certificate of Occupancy. Their land is gone. Billions of Naira gone with the winds in the name of MOU and bogus consultancies. Consultancy here, consultancy, there, consultancy every where, every time. It is all gimmick. He can not deceive Edo people again. So, the All Progressives Congress and Bola Alhmed Tinubu will win more than 75 per cent votes in Edo in the coming general elections.

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” Who will listen to Obaseki during this election? Is it the people of Edo South whom he has collected all their lands?

He further added that, ” Obaseki is not an experienced politician, that is why he can not see the handwriting on the wall that he is being covered in a shattered umbrella, a house divided against itself.

“Does he think one faction of the PDP will come and work with the other faction during this coming election? It beats my imagination how and why Obaseki can not see the handwriting on the wall

“Since the passage of Chief Tony Anenih of blessed memory, the PDP has never remain the same again in Esan land. You can see that PDP is also divided against itself in Esan land and that is to the advantage of the APC. One group will never work with the other. A group that used to fight us are now enemies to one another. We will simply take one faction and use it against the other.

Still speaking, he said that Labour Party was merely a collection of disgruntled PDP members and some frustrated teachers Obaseki closed their schools whom he refused to pay that went to form Labour adding that they would teach Obaseki a lesson in this election.

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According to him,
“those people calling themselves Labour Party members are the civil servants and teachers who are very angry that Obaseki closed their schools at the College of Agriculture at Iguoriakhi and the Ekiadolor college of Education and drove them away without paying them. Those are the teachers that have gone to labour Party, they will teach Obaseki a lesson of his life. It is Obaseki they want to teach a lesson not APC because APC is still as strong as the rock. APC is daily receiving defections from the PDP and our number is swelling by the and that is why I said earlier that APC will get more than 75 per cent vote in Edo. Very soon when Obaseki looks back he will not see any body with him except Anselm Ojezua. Only Ojezua will be following him about. Philip Shuaibu, the Deputy Governor would have been long gone and it is then he would know what politics is all about, he concluded.

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