100 Days in Office: SEA’s Giant Achievements From The Old Order


In the last 100 days, Hon. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem matched his words with actions and abundantly displayed readiness to re-write the erstwhile sorry story of the people of Ajaokuta through tactile and remarkable achievements which we believe are worthy of commendation.


In an era where political naivety, incompetence and reckless disrespect to humanity are glorified, a compassionate and humility-personified leader emerged from the Steel City to revive the hope of the people on the true essence of representative governance. He is Hon Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem, the SEA of Wisdom who has just clocked one hundred days in office as a member representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency.

He indeed hit the ground running by sponsoring a bill on the “Need to provide Control Measures on the Federal Road in Ganaja Flood-Prone Area of Aiaokuta, Kogi State linking the South East States to prevent severe Socio-Economic adverse effects on Nigerians”

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The Ganaja road is linking nine Local Governments in Kogi State and 5 (five) South East States in Nigeria. Its annihilation by the natural disaster has gravely affected the socio-economic activities of Nigerians plying the road, depriving Nigerians of transporting their goods and services to markets within the State and from the Northern States to the South Eastern States.

Considering the importance of the bill, it caught the attention of Mr President which gave birth to the urgent measure given to the Nigerians road today. It could be recalled that the Minister for Works David Umahi visited Ganaja roads as his first point of official duty to ensure that measures were taken to curb the ravaging effect of post-flooding.

Hon. Sanni Egidi Abdulraheem has earlier Noted that the annual recurring incident of flooding in Ganaja, the confluence area in Kogi State is dwindling the socio-economic activities of residents and other Nigerians plying the road, thus, destroying lives and property in the affected area


The alarm raised by the Ajaokuta Federal Lawmaker has led to a policy that will be aiming at curbing all menace of other affected areas in the country. It could recalled that Ganaja is one of the 177 (one hundred and seventy-seven) Local Government Areas in 32 (thirty-two) states that fall within the anticipated flood-prone areas as stipulated by the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency in its annual flood outlook.

The people-oriented leader, Hon Sanni was in the know that Nigerians are yet to recover from the effect of the 2022 flood in Ganaja within Ajaokuta Local Government Area of Kogi State, which affected not less than 1 million (one million) Nigerians, about 300 (three hundred) thousand Nigerians displaced, 5 (five) thousand homesteads and houses damaged, an estimated 80 (eighty) hectares of farmland destroyed, and several lives lost, hence the need to sponsor a bill aiming at ameliorating and curbing this natural disaster for the entire Nation.

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As if this was not enough, Hon Sanni Egidi has empowered several of his Constituents, emancipation programmes are ongoing, rehabilitation of roads, construction of boreholes, electrification projects and many other developmental turnarounds are the hallmarks of his administration within one hundred days in office.

The people of Ajaokuta LGA are happy for the quality leadership they are experiencing and if Hon Sanni Abdulraheem continues on this great pedestal of leadership, Ajaokuta will be competing globally in terms of infrastructural and human development.

Congratulations to the people of Ajaokuta LGA, Kogi State and Nigerians at large

Abdulhameed Ivavah
Concerned, Ajaokuta Citizen writes…..

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