By Abdulsalam Bawa DANGANA

It is a wise saying that, when a Child washes his hands clean, he will eat with the Elders. Being born with a silver spoon and also spoon-fed doesn’t work wonders or elicits miracles in an individual’s life’s adventures. Rather, being humble, respectful and levelheaded in all ramifications is Golden which would bear you the fruit of a ‘Golden Fish has no Hidden PLACE’.

The Young Ahmed Usman Ododo washes his hands clean, and now eating with Elders like His Excellency, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris (IBRO), His Excellency, Captain Idris Ichalla Wada and His Excellency, Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Adoza Bello, CON, making him fits into the above description of humility, respectfulness, and responsibility, hence, he became a Golden Fish that has no hidden place. Allah SWT has blessed you, and no Man can curse you.

In the sands of time, His Excellency, Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Adoza Bello, CON, has written his name boldly in Gold. I have a special page for him in the History Books of Kogi State. Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo’s journey to stardom and seat of power is premised on the solid rock of foundation laid down by GYB. No wonder Continuity and Consolidation is the mantra, because there is a system that works. Within the system, the Chief Pilot His Excellency, GYB propelled the engine, navigated all the waterways, and piloted the Team in the Ship to a safe Haven. On safe landing, the Pilot handed over wheel of fortune and entrusted the Incumbent with Continuity for Consolidation.

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On my personal assessment and conviction about the personality under discussion, His Excellency, Governor Ododo won my heart, respect and admiration for his ability to adapt, forgive, mend fences, break new grounds of friendships, alliances, and the equanimity with which he takes life. He has, and still demonstrating that he is a true servant leader of Men who can rise above his feelings and be led by his principles. Indeed, his is service to God Almighty, Humanity and Kogi First.

Since his contest at the party primaries, through the Campaigns that culminated to our electoral victories on November 11th, 2023 up till this moment of Gubernatorial Elections Petition Tribunal Sitting in the National Judicial Institute premises, Abuja, Nigeria, Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo is the least you could hear any comment from, let alone showing off in bragging. He is calm, coordinated, focused and matured.

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At this juncture; I will not be emotional; sentimental; partial; primordial, or parochial. Despite the fact that our political leanings are the same, I will be factual. Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo is already doing well, as he has hit the ground running. Honestly and truthfully; if he continues on this right path; he and our great party, the APC will continue to enjoy the sympathy and support of many People within and outside of Kogi State. This; I believe very certainly, is doable and possible.

Now is the time for governance after politics; and we crave for good governance with People who are competent; experienced; matured, and can deliver with less supervision.

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I advice with caution; let round pegs be put in round holes, and square pegs in square holes. Endeavor to appreciate commitment; hardwork, and resilience whereby you reward contribution, loyalty and honesty in growing our democracy for sustainable development.

May God Almighty bless the Executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo with good health; wellness; longevity, and a sound mind filled with wisdom and vision to steer our ship of State right.

He who GOD blesses, can not be cursed or vilified. His Excellency, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, God has blessed you, and no Man can curse you.

May God Bless KOGI AGENDA!

May God Bless KOGI STATE!!

May God Bless the Federal Republic of NIGERIA!!!

Dr. Abdulsalam Bawa DANGANA, writes from Lokoja LGA,
Kogi West Senatorial District,
Kogi State.

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