It has come to our notice, the shameful and unclad levels to which a certain Col. Vincent Abuh has descended in his bid to thwart and possibly dent the image of the Labour Party Kogi State and its candidate Barr. Okeme Adejoh Desmond, in the Nov. 11th Kogi State Gubernatorial Election.


With due respect for the person of Col. Abuh and his efforts with the LP during the presidential election, where he visibly showed support for the LP Candidate, His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, we have reckoned he was a man of good conscience and integrity, but his recent posture and direct effort at sabotage has left everyone within the LP and Obidients Family of Kogi State in a state of shock and utmost disgust.

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It is on record that this same figure did not participate in the LP primary election especially when he realized that he did not stand a chance amongst the people of high quality and standing, and hence, opted to take advantage of the crack at the National caused by one Alh. Apapa, who declared himself as a factional leader of the LP, to also declare himself as the Apapa-LP governorship candidate for Kogi State.

It is also saddening that a party as old as the PDP with all it’s years of existence would stoop low as to accommodate and be scammed by such a character whose name is not on the INEC Register of candidates for the Kogi Governorship Elections.
He has declared a merger with the PDP in Kogi State and the PDP did not do well to get their facts together before jumping on such cheap blackmail and baseless structure.

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This same figure has take LP and its candidate to the High Court in Lokoja where he lost woefully – we have attached the CTC of the judgement herewith. He also appealed same judgement to the Appeal Court and lost again, and three days later he declares a merger with PDP, who does that?

It has become obvious from recent happenings where the ruling party paraded some persons as our LGA Chairmen that have defected to the APC and this very incident, showing clearly and evidently that LP remains the party to beat in the upcoming Kogi Gubers.

Just for the records, we are not relenting, neither are we reneging on our good promise to the Kogi State people to afford them the true dividends of democracy when we have finally won the elections.
No amount of blackmail or sabotage will stop our resolve to go all out and win the elections.

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This is also calling on all supporters and Okeme Ambassadors to ignore the empty media shenanigans of our detractors and focus on our elections which is exactly 7 days from today.

Thank you,

God bless Kogi State
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

*Hon. Nelson A. Ogohi*
_Director General, Okeme/Hamza LP Kogi State Governorship Campaign Council_

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